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convicted criminal Joseph Erap Estrada – next president of the philippines? next steps for erap to win the election

consumer research can win the election for erap or for his opponent


convicted criminal erap estrada's mugshot right before he entered jail


these are election polls and not yet the election, but it is quite difficult to understand how a convicted criminal, guilty to the charge of economic plunder can still make it to the top 3 in the election poll. one would think anyone convicted of any crime is enough for the people to withdraw their support or preference. but this is much more that just any crime, it is economic plunder which essentially means erap was involved in large scale corruption, worth hundreds of millions, stealing for his own personal benefit hundreds of millions of pesos from the government and in effect money that could have been spent for the use and benefit for the people.

how can the repondents say they will vote for a person like that?

do they not know erap is a convicted criminal? they do not believe in the conviction? they do not know that erap stole money from the government meant for the people for his own benefit? 

are the people choosing him to be president so that erap can do it again? or do the people hate arroyo so much that they are choosing arroyo’s biggest enemy?

i have to admit, such inconsistencies or perplexing questions rarely exist in marketing and advertising. preference or non-preference towards a brand or even a product attribute is much much more direct in consumer marketing than in philippine politics.

but in politics as well as  in marketing & advertising, it is these types of issues that are the most interesting, the most challenging and i would say the most rewarding. if this kinds of questions come up in consumer marketing and advertising, the obvious action is to conduct an extensive consumer research — mostly focus group discussions (FGD) in key cities in the country.

the answers to these types of questions cannot be guessed or apply any sort of intelligent guessing and much less gut feeling. getting to answers this way without the benefit of consumer research is a sure formula for disaster.

more importantly, it cannot be just any FGD. the design should be more complex and more in-depth than the usual. the design cannot rely on straigh questions and answers. and it cannot be just a one-off effort, this will need a multi-stage FGD design.

it is a most difficult FGD and will involve a much more complex FGD design, but the rewards will be astronimical. if designed right, the indsights and learnings that will be extracted from these FGDs can be the core strategy for winning the presidential election in 2010.

and that goes both for erap and his opponents who want to be well equipped if erap runs for president. it is obvious the kinds of benefits erap will gain in running these consumer research studies. it may not be too obvious for erap’s opponents, but it will give them an excellent insight into the minds of the voters and will open to them windows to defeat erap in the 2010 elections.

  1. wilfredo p. buluran
    March 6, 2009 at 5:59 am

    the good character of erap in terms of sincerity to help the poor makes him popular. i myself admire erap since i was a child for he is a very dedicated leader.his scholarship foundation for the poor filipinos is the one which drove me to admire him.truly giving the opportunity for the poor filipinos to finish college is worth admiring for.education leads to progress.who else possesses this love for education.it is only erap and manny vilar.the rest of presidential hopefuls i am going to research.

    • March 6, 2009 at 12:11 pm

      is this the same erap that i know? is there another erap in this country?

      erap helping the poor is nothing but an image which began when he was an actor when he played the role of the poor. this image he continued to build on when he moved over to become a politician.

      there is no sincerity there, just the nurturing of an image. in reality, erap did not do much for the poor but he did much for himself and his family, hence rthe conviction of plunder.

      erap is a convicted criminal. period.

  2. December 3, 2009 at 5:47 am

    we are in a democratic country……
    let those who want to run for president pursue their will…

    give erap a break….

    ntanong nb natin mga sarili natn kung may ngwa n tau?

  3. jay abasolo
    December 6, 2009 at 11:55 am

    i think erap should not run again as president of the philippines because of the cases that he made during his time as the president of the philippines. his reputation went down of what he did.but i like the sincerity of erap in terms of helping the poor people but i know he’s doing it when he was an actor.

  4. Marcial
    November 22, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    Mali kau dyan, you should research para malaman nyo kung ano nagawa nyan since nung aktor at naging mayor ng san juan marami yan natulungan kaya nga naging popular yan eh dahil sa dami ng natulungan nyan, about sa mga cases wala naman napatunayan kundi yung plunder o jueteng it’s not money of the people sabihin na natin suhol yan do you think yung ibang past president like gma did not protect jueteng sino ba yung kapit tuko sa kanya now di ba yung jueteng lord na matalik na friend ni erap. So what kung sa sugal galing yun at least di sa kaban ng bayan….Marami pa bumuto sa kanya kasi marami nakakakilala sa kanya mostly the poor people, kayong mga edukado at mayayaman di nyo maintinidhan yun kasi kayo nga nagpatalsik sa kanya sa posisyon eh middle class and the rich…Leave the man lahat naman tau may mga fault no one has no mistake or sin….Maraming nagawa yan mag research kau di puro media na lng pinakikinggan nyo….

  5. Marcial
    November 22, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    One more thing…not next actually duly elected president sya di for next lng!!! si Gma grab power lng yan nung panahon ni erap at may kaso pa na electoral sabotage meaning there is a possibility na di talga sya nanalo, wake up ang talino ng tao di nakikita sa degree holder ka yung may puso di sakim sa posisyon kung loko yan si erap nung pinatalsik sya inutusan nya yung mga general nya gaya ng ginawa ni gma sa mga tao noon, pero may puso sya he voluntary step down kasi ayaw nya na may masaktan pa same with marcos, yan ganyan ba nangyari sa term ni cory, gma, at ramos di ba indi kasi sakim sila sa power they have the control to the military unlike erap kahit controlled nya ang militar nagawa nya mag step down kasi ayaw nya may masaktan meaning makamasa sya, nung time na mag rally laban kay gma kasama dun poor people and old people di mga educated people na sa tingin mo planado na talga kung pano sya patatalsikin imagine controlled nila pati stock exchange which one of the reason kaya nag trigger ang step down for erap….hayzzzzzzzzz wag tau padala sa propaganda ng mga politiko dapat fair lng di me maka erap pero mas marami ako nakita mas good chracter to him than to other president and he is true di sya aktor like you are saying…

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