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the case for RH Bill 5043 – must women suffer?

this is one of the more disturbing if not more compelling tv ads aired in the philippines building a case for a more aggressive and intelligently designed reproductive health program in the philippines. the idea and experience behind the scene in the commercial is not not just something  we see on tv, it is replayed in homes of filipinas all over the country, countless of times specially among the poor.

this kind of scene is one that RH Bill 5043 intends to reduce, if not stop.

  1. henry loyola
    November 28, 2009 at 7:23 am

    Its sad to say the church is dead.they read the bible,
    but they never understood.many will be decieve,and many
    will suffer.They will try to figure “ME”out base upon
    their own religion,or ligalistic mentality,just like
    when they pesecuted at the Cross,They will condem many
    BY “MY”sake,and many will be corrupt.They appear so
    beautiful outward,but inside they are full of dead
    mens bone.many are already been brain wash by their
    own faith,and so afraid with their religious leader
    or false prophet.”GOD” said be multiply, but be
    Responsible.I believe in Absolute Scientifical General
    Knowledge.”GOD” use good technology,and good doctors.
    If 90 percent of our population dont have “GODLY”
    Moral Principle,or(Biblical knowledge) 90 percent
    will be corrupt.If you think the religeous righteous,
    the political power,and the people power will save
    the world.you must be on denial.our form of government,
    or our form of leadership is base upon “GOD” Standard.
    By Grace we are Save,not because of our own good works,
    and our own righteousness.Pride,Ego,Self Righteousness.
    popularity,this are the greatest sin in the Bible.
    History is “GOD” story.”I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND LIFE”
    Depart from “ME”your worse enemy live inside you.
    even thu you are prophesising My Name,but you hypocrite
    you practice lawlessnes,and wickedness,I never knew you.
    the world will be corrupt,because many will deny “ME”.
    only those who worship “ME” in spirit and in truth shall
    be save.”MY”time will come,and I will seperate the wicked
    just like “I” did during Noah time,but in different way.
    No one comes to the “FATHER” except to “ME”.My prayer to
    all my brother,and sister in Christ.

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