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groups unite to kick arroyo’s con-ass

groups from all persuations seem to have come together to one point – kick arroyo’s con-ass.

yesterday, the senate, an astounding 23 of them voted against arroyo’s con-ass. today, a rally will be held in makati to protest the con-ass.

the rally today is significant as this is catholic church based. the catholic church is one of the forces that has borught down marcos and estrada through people power and edsa dos.

cardinal rosales, the archbishop of manila, the country’s top prelate has broken his silence and has come out to go against arroyo’s con-ass. unlike cardinal sin, rosales’ predecessor, cardinal rosales has elected to be low key. he even gave a directive to the priests not to get involved in politics. but that has changed now.

rosales has strongly spoken against arroyo’s con-ass. his words, yesterday:

“Let’s stop all this foolishness,” Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales said in a statement released by his office Thursday, voicing the sentiments of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) on moves in the House to convene a constituent assembly (Con-ass).

that wasn’t the first time rosales has spoken against arroyo’s con-ass and those will not be the last. rosales will most probably be in the rally today and he will speak his words again. his and other groups words will be heard in protest against arroyo’s con-ass.



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