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cha-cha and arroyo : increasing and deepening rejectors and non-preferers of Brand Cha-cha and Brand Arroyo

in marketing terms, what happened in yesterday’s rally against the cha-cha and as it turned out against president arroyo is called enhancing the negatives or widening and deepening the objections and rejectors. that is a sure sign of unhealthiness for  Brand Cha-cha and Brand Arroyo. 

going-in,   Brand Arroyo has had a lot of brand negatives. it’s U&A&I ratings through the numerous national surveys (Pulse Asia and SWS) have shown Brand Arroyo suffers from a dismal brand failure where it has consistently gotten very high and worsening rejections and non-preference. yesterday’s rally simply confirms that and in many ways deepens it.

Brand Cha-cha is in a similar bind. cha-cha has been attempted before. many times over. and like before, it has always been rejected by the consumers (the people). the nth mutation of cha-cha has not changed consumer preference on it. they continue to reject it.

yesterday was a good showing. getting such a high number for a first attempt after a long time shows the intensity of the negative sentiments. not many rallies have been held recently and a showing like that speaks very well of the strong sentiments of consumers (the people).

 but what most analysts say that is much more telling is the fact that the rally yesterday attracted a whole spectrum of society – from right to left wing, from the clergy and nuns to the activists, to civil society and the unconcerned. in other words, in marketing terms what would have been an across the board rejection.

if this was brand, it would be panic time. first things first – remove or stop doing the negatives and start putting in the positives. do a brand relaunch. unfortunately, we don’t see that coming anytime in the near future.

makes you wonder, are they asking fora showdown?






Rage vs Arroyo, Charter change

Makati protest draws 7,000 from left to right

By Allison Lopez, Gil C. Cabacungan Jr., Norman Bordadora, Marlon Ramos
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 03:20:00 12/13/2008

 MANILA, Philippines—They came to express their rage. They described the object of their rage the worst Philippine president since World War II and, shouting expletives, urged the people to thwart her alleged intention to be President for life.

“P___ ina! (SOB) … Patayin ang Gloria-forever Cha-cha na ito! (Let us kill this Gloria-forever Charter change!)” opposition Sen. Mar Roxas, normally known for keeping his decorum, screamed at a rally in Makati Friday held to denounce moves by Malacañang allies to revise the Constitution through a Constituent Assembly (Con-ass).

Some protesters wore shirts printed with the words “Evil” and “lucky bitch.” One banner said in Filipino: “Con-ass is for ass-holes.”

Evangelist Brother Eddie Villanueva declared that righteous people would rise and “oppose the act of the devil.”

To twist Constitution

“Gloria wants to twist the Constitution so she could stay in power,” Roxas told the crowd. He also denounced the various political scandals that had rocked the Arroyo administration, including the P728-million fertilizer scam and the confiscation of P6.9 million in undeclared cash from a Philippine delegation visiting Russia.

Later, Roxas apologized to those who were present, especially to the nuns, saying in Filipino that he had to say what he said “because I don’t want this day to pass without GMA knowing what we feel.”

Other rally leaders also cursed, insulted and mocked Ms Arroyo in songs and speeches.

A folk singing duo led by Danny Fabella drew cheers with their song “Baliktad na Talaga ang Mundo.’’ The crowd heartily cheered the lines “Sa Pilipinas ang talo, nagiging Pangulo (In the Philippines, the loser became President).’’

Despite gloomy skies, crowds estimated by media people at about 7,000 to 8,000 gathered at the intersection of Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas and lambasted Con-ass, a mode of changing the Charter which would allow congressmen loyal to Ms Arroyo to introduce amendments even without the consent of the recalcitrant Senate.

The protesters represented all colors of the political spectrum—from members of the largely conservative Roman Catholic Church and big business to leftist militants.




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