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mar roxas, senator putang ina (SOB) – his defining moment? a PR disaster in the making

we have made a point about the shoe throwing incident president bush experienced recently as perhaps the defining moment for his presidency. it’s eloquent – bush in iraq delivering his valedictory address, then an iraqi throwing  shoes at the president of the most powerful nation. it speaks volumes, some of which a measure of popularity or lack of it, for the president and how the iraq war has evolved to become not only in iraq but also in america itself and the rest of the world.

did mar roxas, an undeclared but sure thing presidentiable, have his own defining moment of his candidacy last friday? 

mar roxas in front of thousands and on live tv cursed, said “putang ina” (SOB) referring to the issue of con-ass and term extension.

mar_roxas5awe are guilty of the same thing, well granted that some more than others, but we all have our share of cursing. often by ourselves and some in public.

but not all of us are senators. and fewer still, not in front of a crowd of thousands and on live tv. and that is where the key difference lie.

there are clear expectations in becoming a senator. they are always held to a higher standard. and cursing, saying those words exactly is the wrong thing to do.

senator miriam defensor is my favorite for these sorts of things. i make it a point to watch miriam do her thing when she gets mad or when she intends to be insulting. but i have not heard her cuss. and yet the way she does it is even more hysterical, much more biting. that’s because even though the thoughts are not, she uses acceptable words and even more elegant logic in delivering them.

not the same thing with mar roxas. he used gutter language. “salitang imburnal” in the vernacular. defensor uses gutter thoughts elegantly delivered in acceptable words. there was no elegance nor intelligence in what mar roxas said.

will those words define mar roxas’ candidacy? for now it is doing that. and we don’t know if down the line, as we get closer to 2010, if it will stick till then. the filipino electorate easily forgets and this one  might have the same fate. he could be lucky.

the people might forget, but will media and specially his presidentiable opponents let us forget about it? unlikely.

what is  not right about this is not so much the exact words said in that rally by mar roxas, it’s his reaction afterwards that is. he is unrepentant. he is adamant. and he will not apologize for it.

the cuss words will not do him in, it is the words he said after the cussing incident or those he will not say that might.

i think its a strategic blunder not to apologize. not apologizing and not repenting will not make it go away. it will continue to be there. eating his pride and apologizing on the other hand will make it go away.

in that sense, president bush is luckier and much smarter than mar roxas in managing their defining moments. president bush successfully ducked to avoid the twin shoe missiles and then made a joke of it later – they are a  size 10. he came out agile, smart and self-effacing.

mar roxas’s day after action simply makes him a turd. an ass hole. brash and disrespectful. henceforth, he will be known as senator putang ina. will filipinos vote president putang ina?

a memo to senator mar roxas.

  1. anne baladhay
    July 30, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    Mar Roxas could be at the end of his rope,(though its still premature)knowing his sought after dream of becoming a president is not as easy as he imagined. His insecurities are piling up and his true color is emerging. All of these so called concerned for filipinos well being boils down to one thing-” your vote comes 2010″ . I will think again… sorry, my whole clan would not waste our votes on you.

  2. Dong C
    July 31, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    I can’t imagine this wannabe become a president. Before I have a great respect of this guy but suddenly disappear. I was really disappointed the way he acted in saying those two words. If he can do that to the head of state what more for us ordinary citizen. I’ll just pray he will not be the next president otherwise who will be next person to be address or called as “P___ng Ina”.

  3. Arquenevis
    August 1, 2009 at 11:10 pm

    What is it with this man and the masa? I am not sure if it is true care or grandstanding. Let us not forget his ads on TV. Why are they out in 2009 and not the years before? Why try to draw in the unsuspecting poor? Does he truly respect the poor’s intelligence or is he attemping to lure them in to milk votes from them?

  4. August 2, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    We better think many times b4 voting for this guy. With korina? i thnk it could be worst. They are both same mayabang!

  5. jim nicanor
    August 6, 2009 at 11:13 pm

    I used to vote for him for his seat in the senate. But after the stunts that he’s just pulled…. my votes won’t be wasted on this clown.

  6. gillian
    September 3, 2009 at 12:00 pm


    what happened. I am so disappointed. I looked up to you to be so credible and reliable. I know that you think that Noynoy will pull up the Voters for the Liberal party but you should have stayed as the presendential standard bearer and let noynoy practice as the vice president. Or better yet why did you not wait for Noynoy to make up his mind and decide. or he’s just playing what Malacanang say playing on the history of his dad and mom.Hilaw pa si Noynoy to be president and he is not even made up yet why did you give up already. Why is the party not recognizing your efforts and costs and just jump on a winning candidate. this is the work of jovito salonga again? You know he is such a looser if he was qualified enough he would have been president some 30 years ago. He has become the ANTIQUE in the Liberal party and did not get the presidency till now. The fact that he has not prospered to be come the country’s president why listen to him now. Your father lost his friends in the Liberal Party when they could not get much from him and they thought that Ninoy is a better bet, and why did you have to go back to the Liberal party if that was the case. Walang silbe talaga itong mga bumubuo ng Liberal party. magulo din and nacionalista puro mga self serving but I REALLY CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY DID YOU GIVE UP NA WALA PA SI NOYNOY NAKA DECIDE. ito namang Noynoy napaka walang principio basta sakay ng sakay nlg sa fame ng tatay ata nanay nya. Babangon nanaman ang mga HUKBALAHAP nito kay noynoy dahil causa ito ng tatay nya. Buhay pa ba ang underground cell ng huks sa ilalim ng tunnel ng hacienda luisita? Sabi ni alfonso lacson matagal sila nag laban sa mga huks dahil kay ninoy tapos ibibigay mo ito sa mga kapampangan paano and mga taga negros ipa carp mo nalang lahat? ikaw lg nag silbing hope ng taga ngros tapos ito ngayon, hay mar, find a way to reconsider this sabi para sa bayan – ok lg ibigay ang bayan sa mga huks

    • September 3, 2009 at 9:33 pm

      while he is no longer running for president, his reasons for withdrawing is the same – to do what is better for the country. that should matter a lot.

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