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early warning device blinks on SWS’ arroyo performance satisfaction survey 4QTR 2008

SWS released its most recent survey on the the presidential performance satisfaction survey. this is for the 4th QTR 2008. there are a few interesting findings.

arroyoarroyo’s public satisfaction has improved, though not significant, versus previous rating. that’s some good news.

the bad news is that the net satisfaction rating continue  to be on the negative side, -24 nationally and continue to be negative across geography, socio-eco class, basic demographics and gender. this has been the case for many surveys for arroyo.

what i find interesting is the results in NCR. these results in NCR i think is dome kind of an early warning device that should be blinking rapidly and strongly. there is a message there and it is a strong one.

over-all net satisfaction has dramatically gone down to -45 from previous period september 2008 of -36 and even higher  versus the june 2008 perios of -40. that drop is dramatic and clearly statistically significant.

but that dramatic drop is not yet the early warning device that is aggressively calling for attention. it is in the specifics of that drop. 

in NCR, the “satisfied” ratings only slightly dropped to 19% from previous period of 21%. what is significant and the key driver in the over-all net satisfaction rating is on the  “dissatisfied” ratings where it increased to 65% from previous period of 58%. that is a statistically significant drop.

what happened is that the over-all net-satisfaction rating in the NCR was pulled down by the huge increase in “dissatisfaction” rating despite only a slight decrease in “satisfaction” rating.

what drove the net satisfaction rating to significantly deteriorate?

we think in this survey, the undecided people made a decision now and gave  arroyo a negative satisfaction rating. that is significant as what that might mean is that the “silent majority” are no longer being silent and their voice speaks against arroyo.

that can indicate a growing dissatisfaction among the previously unaffected and that is adding to those who have entrenched themselves in their dissatisfaction of arroyo’s performance.

the other significance of that result is it is at the NCR. the NCR is the social, economic and political center of the country. many things in this country start at the NCR, including the People Power Revolution and EDSA DOS.

getting more people who were previously undecided and unaffected and now expressing dissatisfaction at the NCR is definitely a huge early warning device.

thread carefully, like walking on ground filled with eggs.    


15 December 2008

Fourth Quarter 2008 Social Weather Survey:
PGMA’s net satisfaction rating at -24

Social Weather Stations

The latest Social Weather Survey of November 28-December 1, 2008 found 29% satisfied and 53% dissatisfied with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s performance, for a poor net rating of -24 (% satisfied minus % dissatisfied).


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