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memo to presidentiables: next steps from 4Qtr SWS presidentiables survey results

just a quick run through of key action steps for the presidentiables coming from the 4qtr 2008 results of the SWS survey for presidentiables. we have intentionally over-simplified the points.

for the top 3, de castro, legarda and villar: 

  •  keep doing what you are doing
  • DO NOT make any mistake, watch your steps all the time

for the next 4, escudero, lacson, estrada and roxas:

  • need to get more media exposure
  • be selective on issues to pick on, but consistently pick one across time

for the next 2, binay and fernando:

  • think and behave like you only have 1 week of your life in this world
  • there is no time to waste, get into the minds of the public across all geographies and demographics
  1. January 18, 2009 at 10:13 pm

    we received a few inquiries about this post.

    this is an over-simplified next steps for the purpose of this blog. the proper way to do it is :

    a. do a more intensive analysis of the research
    b. strategize
    c. match the strategy versus current positioning and image of the candidate
    d. match the strategy with current needs and attitudes of the electorate
    e. match best fit
    f. build for the long term

    a program needs to be done.

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