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ping lacson, presidentiable to defer to CJ Puno if Puno runs for president

Lacson to ‘defer’ to Puno


By Maila Ager
First Posted 15:04:00 01/15/2009

MANILA, Philippines — Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson has thrown his full support behind Chief Justice Reynato Puno if and when he would decide to run for president in 2010.

In a statement on Thursday, Lacson said he was willing to “defer” to Puno and convince his supporters to shift their “bedrock support” to the Chief Justice, whom he described as the “beacon that moral forces are looking for as a leader of the nation.”

Asked if this meant that he was willing to give up his bid for the presidency, Lacson said, “Yes, only to him I’m willing to defer if and when he decides to go for it anytime and under any circumstances.”

“Because I care for my country and I am wiling to step aside in favor of what honestly believe will be good for our people,” he added.

Lacson issued the statement in response to Puno’s call for a “moral force” in the country, which he said has been suffering from “moral decadence.”



we did not even know that ping lacson is a presidentiable. but now we know and he says he will not run for president if chief justice puno runs for president in 2010.

now, that’s a thought – chief justice puno for president!

  1. jcc34
    September 1, 2009 at 8:41 pm
  2. jcc34
    September 1, 2009 at 9:21 pm

    CJ Puno as the head of the “moral force?” What a big farce and a big joke. So after all, those GMA rebukes in his judicial opinions were calculated efforts to juice up his presidential ambition. As Bencard said, CJ Puno should have checked at the door his political ambition before donning that jurist robe. In a constitutional government, a politician and a jurist is a dangerous mix. One, in order to govern effectively, must rely on the popular sentiments of the populace and the other has to look at cold facts and render judgment in accordance with the law regardless of the contrary sentiments of the public. CJ Puno is an ambitious politician who is using the bench and his judicial opinion to play on the sentiments of the public in order to run in 2010. All those body contortions about convening a “moral group” to save the Republic from moral decay cannot hide his salivation for presidential power. Senator Lacson was the first politician who telegraphs CJ Puno’s body language that the maverick Senator lost no time in botching his own ambition in favor of the “distinguished jurist”, hoping perhaps that he could get a favorable decision on the “Kuratong Baleleng” case, which is said to be under review by the high court, or perhaps Ping was hoping that he could be Puno’s First Gentleman. Strange bedfellows indeed, one a reported “vigilante” and the other postures as the father of the “rule of law”.

    CJ Puno should devote his energy towards mending the decrepit judicial fence to bring back the people’s confidence in court rather than going about delivering speeches of platitudes and message of moral decay in the fabric of our society. He is using his position to promote his political ambition. His judicial behavior is no different than that of Bayani Fernando’s use of the MMDA funds to plaster every corner of Metro Manila with antiseptic pink banners to promote his political ambition. But in Fernando’s case, the message is about cleanliness, in CJ Puno it is about moral and constitutional rubbish.

  3. mang cruz
    March 17, 2010 at 6:51 am

    with the publishing and launching of Vitug’s book yesterday, lumiliwanag na ba yun picture?

    na may politics sa judiciary? na may sabwatan ang mga politiko at justices?

    kung ang mga ito’y nabubulgar, wala rin kayang hidden agenda ang mga media? ang panahon ng pagsapubliko nito ay nasa timing ng election at pagtatalaga ng chief justice. Hindi kaya si Vitug at ang media ay ginagamit ng ibang mga tao na may pangsaliring interes para sa kanilang kandidato upang sila naman ang makinabang sa panahon ng pamamahala ng kanilang presidente?

    Gunuon talaga! parating kaawawa ang mga pinoy. ang tao ay dapat masanay na na sa bawa’t bagong presidente, bago rin ang kalakaran at ang patakaran. KUNG SINO ANG PANALO, SIYA ANG TAMA! Sorry na lang sa mga talo sapagka’t sila na ngayon ang mali. Kung nuon ay si Jose Rizal ang ating pambansang bayani, ngayon ay si Manny Paquiao.

    kawawang Pinoy??!!!?

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