release #1, as of january 2009: presidentiables brand positioning

we will be starting to post here what we view as the brand positioning of the presidentiables. this is not based on any formal electorate or consumer research, but an informal analysis of what the audience sees from media. these could be based on actual commercials or just how media (tv, print and radio) cover them. in other words, these are mostly based on the messages the presidentiables are communicating.

these brand positioning do change over time and we will post the updated ones when there are developments among the presidentiables.


for now, we will not give value judgements or make an assessment as to  which brand positioning is strongest.

looking at the brand positioning as of january 2009, these are the types of brand positioning that are listed, above:  one-dimensional, issue-orientated, shallow, deep, relevant, national, local and demographics orientated.

to read more about brand positioning and its application, click here:

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