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mar roxas’ new tv ad – “murang gamot”, not “pagmumura sa rally”

someone had sent us the link for mar roxas’ “murang gamot” (cheap medicine) tvc we mentioned in this blog. no, it’s not his “pagmumura sa rally” (cursing at the rally) video that we were given but his commercial.

there is no question – the cost of medicine in this country is just too expensive. we think the cost on its own is just too high and what makes the situation worse is that around 92% of the country’ population belong to the poor, those belonging to the DE and soci-eco class. high cost of medicine and very low to no wages is a deadly combination, and that is literal.

that is not the problem in this ad. in fact high cost of medicine is to many of the people a real economic problem. the problem is on why air this ad now.

the most recent history on mar roxas is his “putang ina” magic words at the rally. add to that his privilege speech at the senate floor saying he will not apologize for it.

the correct tactical ad would have been an ad to soften mar roxas’ brand image to remove the sting of the “putang ina” incident. they should have worked on making amends to the public in an indirect way by portraying roxas as a kind hearted and decent man, not the kanto-boy (hoodlum) image that sprang up with his “putang ina” words.

the executional error that we see in this ad is the brand character he has taken in this ad. they have made mar roxas appear as too strong, combative and even angry, images that contribute to the kanto-boy image that came up in that rally.

look at his facial expression in this ad – mar roxas had his forehead showing anger lines and he had two of his hands clenched, like in a boxing/fighting stance. the directorial intent in this kind of stance is to show that mar roxas is in for a fight against the high cost of medicine. but that also means the “putang ina” words he said during the rally fits exactly right into that fighting stance. the “putang ina” words is  a match to the imagery he showed in this tv spot.

our view is that roxas needs to do a fix on his “putang ina” image. he does not have to apologize for it, but he needs to build another image that negates or “corrects” what has been done. we can be wrong about that being an issue among voters but  if i was with the roxas team, i would immediately conduct consumer research to find out if his “putang ina” words made an impact on roxas’ brand image.

however, even if it did not, i would still do the “softer, decent”  tactical campaign ad for roxas just to be on the safe side. this is to make sure roxas’ brand image is not polarizing. a brand that is polarizing can go either way, depending on the stimulus that appears to ignite it.



view video of mar roxas “putang ina” incident:  https://2010presidentiables.wordpress.com/2009/01/08/mar-roxas-senator-putang-ina-video-gallery/

posts on mar roxas’ “putang ina” : https://2010presidentiables.wordpress.com/2008/12/16/mar-roxas-questions-that-need-to-be-answered/


  1. eeez70
    May 5, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    I can’t blame Mar for cursing GMA, almost ALL filipinos had enough of this administration fooling us. Everyone has its limit.

    • May 5, 2009 at 8:17 pm

      it is un-presidentiable

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