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top 7 reasons why loren legarda has ADS? Sindrome

senator legarda clearly has the dreaded Ano Daw Sabi? Sindrome. it’s an affliction of those who say things that leaves you wondering what is being said and that is even after you re-read the thing 2 dozen more times. read more about ADS? Sindrome here : http://the-wawam-file.blogspot.com/2008/08/wawam-launches-ano-daw-sabi-ads.html

this is very surprising since loren legarda used to work for abs cbn as one of the main anchors of their top rating news program. she is a reporter, for crying out loud and reporters are supposed to be good in communicating.

here are the top 7 reasons why loren legarda has ADS? Sindrome (in no particular order):

  • Saying that politics must be set aside because of the global financial crisis– from the news article. what is the magic, what is the point and what does it actually do in postponing the “formal” announcement of her candidacy for the presidency? how will it contribute to solving the country’s problems? is the senator thinking she holds the key to solving the country’s problem? or if she formally announces her candidacy, things will go worst, like the country will crumble? since she announced she wont announce, is the philippines in a better shape?
  • Legarda said she would announce her plans months before the deadline for the filing of candidacy, which would be in February 2010.” – from the news article. what if months before the february 2010 deadline when she will formally announce her candidacy, the global financial crisis is still there, will she once again postpone? and if she announces her candidacy just the same, that makes her a traitor to her cause. that makes her a hypocrite. and that also means she will just shoot herself in the foot.
  • “There is a time to be ambitious. This is a time to let go and to truly serve the people,” Legarda said. – from the news article. The candidates who has annnounced their canndidacy are not truly serving the people? is that what she is saying? so when she was going around town telling everyone she is ready to lead, those times are times she is not serving the people.
  •  “I call on our public leaders today to set aside their narrow ambitions, the disease of presidentialitis, the quest for self-glory and self-gratification so that, with God’s help, we can work to overcome the current crisis,” said Legarda. – from the news article.     she will eventually announce her candidacy, so that means she will be guilty of the same thing when she does so. also, it is unlikely the global financial crisis will be solved by february 2010.
  • it is our view that the best time to serve the people is now during this time that the global financial crisis is on-going. and the best way to serve the people is propose plans of action to lessen if not stop the ill-effects of the crisis.   now is the time when we need new ideas that will work. now is the time when we need new leaders to emerge. at the moment, we have the most need for ideas and these presidentiables ought to give us their ideas now to help the country. if any of the presidentiables are able to convince us that theirs is the best idea, he/she is able to convince the administration to implement it and it works, then that presidentiable will be next president of the country and the whole nation will be thankful. now is the time for the presidentiables to show us what they are made of. the country needs them now,  more than ever.
  • towards the last part of the article, legarda talks about the loren-chiz tandem, her competitors noli de castro and manny  villar. she even cites survey results. aren’t those statements politicking? i thought she just said politicking should not be done? but she just did it during the interview itself!
  • and finally, exactly what good will it do to her that loren legarda has announced she will postpone the formal announcement of her candidacy?   what does she think she stands to gain? did she think the people will love her more for it? and exactly what will she do different now that she has postponed the announcement versus if she actually announced it? will she behave differently? how? will she hide? not grant interviews? not go to the press? 

Ano Daw Sabi ni loren legarda???

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