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February 2009 presidentiables survey – how pulse asia became irresponsible and unprofessional

to view chart in full: http://pulseasia.com.ph/resources/photos/table2_2010Elec_UB0902.gif

source: http://pulseasia.com.ph/pulseasia/story.asp?ID=668

i think pulse asia has erred in having this as their sub-title in their press release for the results of this survey: “No clear winner would emerge in the presidential race if the May 2010 elections were held today “

it looks like pulse asia forgot the meaning of the word “survey/poll”. this is a poll, you can’t use words like “winner”, much less “clear” in describing the results of the poll.  surveys and polls do not measure the number of votes candidates get, surveys and polls measure preference or attitudes, not election votes. you can only use the word “winner” in an election if you count the votes.

also, the pulse asia write up strongly implies presidentiable polls and surveys are infallible which of course any professional pollster worth his salt know that is not so. infallibility of poll results is something you never say in things like these.

including those words in their press release is irresponsible and unprofessional of pulse asia.

the effect of what they did is that media, philippine daily inquirer picked up on that line and used it as  the same thought as a sub-head in today’s edition. PDI is know to be a tabloid masquerading as national broadsheet, given it’s tabloid mind, PDI picked up that idea as it is more thought provoking and dramatic, never mind that it is incorrect.

i find it disconcerting that pulse asia, a research agency got into the dramatic in their press release. they should have just stuck to releasing the results od the survey, they should also analyze it but they should not editorialize. they should have just left the editorializing to the press.

shame on pulse asia!

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