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jejomar binay’s “ganito kami sa makati” tv ad – a promise of paradise to the nation

we know what election campaigns is all about – it is about candidates making promises to the constituents. some promise a basketball court in the next vacant lot, some promise help to ofws, or cheap medicine prices and some, like binay promise the world, no, not the world but paradise.

in this ad, paradise has a name, it’s  called Makati City. binay we all know is the mayor of makati. in this ad, binay enumerates the pieces of  paradise makati residents enjoy in the city from the sublime (health care for the old, free education up to college) to the cute little endearing touches of “free birthday cakes”. (we know that love is best communicated in the smallest of things, like a free birthday cake.)

the ad is a cut to cut of poor people talking to the camera saying “walang tutulong” (nobody helps) on things like medical needs, eductation and health care for seniors. these snippets have the supers “sa bayan natin” then cuts to glorious shots of what the people of makati enjoy in their city paradise. these glorious shots have the supers “sa makati” in them. the dissolves from scene to scene are ushered by a dramatic up and under of inspirational music as background.

STOP right there! pass the tissue and wipe those tears and let’s think about this for the moment.  

this ad wants us to believe that the paradise that binay built in makati can be done to the whole country. these are universal health care for 90 million, universal free education up to college for 60 million, free healthcare for 30 million seniors, including 90 million birthday cakes. yummy!

he ad did not explain how the country can afford such things, it just promises them. 90 million birthday cakes alone at P150.00 each for example will cost the government P13B a year. what about delivery cost? and flavor and icing preferences? 

that’s just on the free birthday cake, one slice of the whole cake that binay  promised if he is elected president. 

oh, wait a minute – nothing in the ad said he was running for president in the 2010 presidential election.  we know he is a presidentiable, he has declared it himself, so we do not need to read or hear it in the ad that this is an ad that promises paradise if he becomes president. besides, cities or even companies don’t usually come out with anniversary ads on the 39th year of its founding. 39 is an odd number for it, numbers with zeroes in them are the usual anniversary ads like 10th, 20th, 30th, or 4oth for heaven’s sake. (but if the ads are released on the 40th anniversary of makati city, the presidential elections would have been over.)

this ad will resonate. promising slices of paradise to the poor is a good strategy. the key issue in the philippines, for anything is “it’s poverty, stupid”, to apply bill clinton’s “it’s the economy, stupid” mantra that won him him the election against the older bush. the poor account for a large majority of the population and appealing to them will rake in millions of votes. that’s how erap did it, fpj and all other presidential candidates, but said in many different versions.

will binay win? the message is correct. but binay is wrong. 

voters will need to get over the barrier of a small town city mayor to national government official. well, ok makati is one of the most popular cities in the country, but in philippine politics, that does not automatically carry power. there may be too much of a jump from small city to big country.


is there love for makati mayor binay on his promise of paradise?

to view the ad : clicke here http://tinyurl.com/c769x9 or scroll down.

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