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manny pacquiao forms his own political party


is this an "oh, shit!" or an "whoopee!"?

pacquiao has petitioned the comelec to accredit a political party called “Peoples Champ Movement” as a local party. he will most likely run for congress and they will field candidates in local positions in general santos city and sarangani.

“People’s Champ Movement” reminds me of “Champ” the jollibee hamburger. but i suppose that is much better than “Pambansang Kamao Movement” or “Pacman The Champ Movement”. i am also glad they dropped the idea of  “Champ Ako, You Know…”  (read   “manny pacquioa is a loser, you know..” here: http://tinyurl.com/cpkojn)

forming his own party is a good idea. that way he can define the direction he wants his party to take. it also frees him from being beholden to anyone or any ideology.

running for congress next year is a bad idea for him, career wise. freddie roach thinks pacquiao has two to three more good years as a champion fighter. that means mega-$ in fees and purse, possibly the biggest in the history of boxing and in the process cementing his place as one of the boxing greats in the sport’s history.

this congress thing will be very distracting for him. distraction at this point in in his career is a very bad thing. pacquiao has just gotten one step inside the halls of boxing greatness. the next two to three years of boxing will get him right in the middle of it. 

we think it is ok for him to form the political party if that cannot be stopped anymore but he should not run for congress and just be the leader of his party. he should define what it is all about, set directions and the philiosphy and show the country he has more than just boxing prowess but leadership and vision for his city and the country.  


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