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see, hear and feel it – the june start date is here!

sometime ago, we said in this blog  that june 2009 is the “deadline” for presidentiables to launch their campaigns for the presidency. they need to get everything rolling by june, otherwise it might be too late for them. the longer they postpone their start date, the more expensive it will become and the more difficult it will be for them to gain momentum and traction.

it will be more expensive as with fewer months left before election date, it will mean they will need to pour in more money and resources to catch up with the others. it will be more difficult as their opponents who have started early might be too far ahead already that it will take more effort to catch up. also, the closer you get to the election date, the “noisier” everyone will be and that will makes it harder for anyone to stand out.

looking at today’s issue of the PDI, it looks like the presidentiables have taken the point we have written in this blog. today’s front page has 5 stories on the presidentiable and campaigns from 5 different groups. it looks like they took to heart the point we made in this blog that june is  the deadline for them to get their efforts going.

read other post here: http://tinyurl.com/os5fz6

inq 8may09
5 presidentiable and campaign stories from 5 different groups


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