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how vitwater made a fool of manny pacquiao

making a fool of a celebrity in a celebrity tv ad

in ads, a lot of effort is put into making the talents, most specially celebrities to look in the best possible light. ad agencies hire professional make up artists, costume designers and the best cameramen to make sure the talents look good on screen. directors are very particular to make sure that aside from making sure the storyboard is delivered, the talent should also look good. some celebrities even make it part of the their contract that their preferred make-up artist are hired for tv ads they appear in.

clients choose talents in their ads, specially celebrities, because they bring something good to the ad and the product. use a well loved celebrity and they expect sales to go up.

so why did vitwater make manny pacquiao look bad in their ad?

read in full here: http://tinyurl.com/cpkojn

  1. julito
    January 8, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    Actually in terms of educational qualifications, perhaps manny is not qualified. But in terms of sincerity, he is very much qualified.
    The truth is, the predecessors of late James L, Chiongbian, his son Congressman Erwin, is not serving well in the province. Now you see him now you dont.
    Nakita ko lang ang mukha ng aming congressman sa TV noong nawalan siya ng malay.
    In short Sarangans are disappointed to Erwin L. In reality, he is not working as congressman, he is just a mere symbol. His Staff is working in his behalf…. A simple bill of converting Glan School of Arts and Trades to Sarangani Polytechnic State College was not realize though it was already in the house of senate because he did not make any representation on it. Wala siyang alam. Thats why it would be better for the Sarangans to take Manny Pacquaio than any chiongbian. Shall we say hope against hopeless.

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