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youtube: the comelec toilet “scandal” source of malice, of truth or idiocy?

here is putting this mildly – we do not know what to make of this comelec toilet scandal. reading it in the papers and then finding it in youtube made us chuckle.

(“scandal”  is filipino slang to mean a home video usually of the sexual kind.)

F.F. Cruz on YouTube: It’s not what you think

By Volt Contreras, Philip Tubeza
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 03:22:00 05/15/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Like most “video scandals,” this 26-second clip drew strong denials from its supposed cast of characters.

A Commission on Elections (Comelec) official and a businessman vying for the P11-billion contract to automate the 2010 elections have come forward to denounce a “malicious” video recently posted on YouTube.

They were referring to a piece of footage, taken inside the men’s toilet of the Comelec main building in Intramuros, Manila, in which construction magnate Felipe F. Cruz Sr. appeared to be signing documents on the lavatory.

The video’s title suggested that “waiting” for Cruz to finish signing was Ferdinand Rafanan, chair of the Comelec’s Special Bids and Awards Committee (SBAC).

The insinuation, based on the posted commentary generated by the video, was that documents relating to Cruz’s tender were being rushed in order to be secretly “inserted” in the sealed bids way past the Comelec’s May 4 deadline.

read in full here: http://tinyurl.com/og4qqg 

we actually do not believe it one bit. but it’s a good topic to discuss.

there are nagging questions about the video:

  • how did this happen? mr. cruz was at the comelec offices for official business in relation to his company’s bid for the automation of the 2010 election. he just felt the need to take a piss, went to the toilet then his staff looked for him inside the toilet to get him to sign the document? did the staff wait for mr. cruz to finish his piss or were the documents signed before?
  • or were they already inside the room of the comelec for the meeting and then the staff arrived told mr. cruz he needed to sign the documents and they decided to sign the documents inside the toilet? is it normal for people to think the toilet is the best place to sign business documents?
  • why the hell were they signing apparently important business documents inside the toilet at the comelec? who does that? why do that? the freakin document will reek with you know what!
  • these people who were having the document signed and the person signing it — did they not see someone was video-recording the whole thing? looking at the shot, it was not as if the video camera (probably a cellphone) was being hidden. it was in plain sight and being held at eye-level for heaven’s sake!v they did not see the person recording it and did not ask him to stop?!
  • when you see someone video-recording inside the toilet, you KNOW it cannot be a good thing. ya perv!
    this person who took the video – what is this, he hangs out inside the comelec toilet looking for people to video record?
  • was this a chance recording? like he hangs out inside the comelec toilet and looks for chance victims?
  • or did this person intentionally stalk mr. cruz as he went inside the toilet to intentionally video-record him?
  • is this a demolition drive on ff cruz or a corruption expose? who is doing it and why?

i have to admit, there are so many things wrong about that video. many things about it do not make sense. is this what youtube make us do?

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