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why manny pacquiao should not run for public office

we don’t know for sure if manny pacquaio, the country’s boxing hero will run for congress or not.  on some days he seem to be saying he will but on some we’re not sure what he is saying.

he has seeked approval from the comelec to accredit a political party, so that is a sign of his intention to run.

but when he is asked a direct question by reporters, he fudges his answers. he seem to be saying yes he will but it does not sound definitive.

should manny pacquaio run for political office?

i think i heard him say in an interview he wants to run for elective office because he wants to “help the people”. it is what all candidates say. it is also the most generic answer any political candidate can give to that question. being such a pandemic answer among all candidates that i think it has lost meaning.

but let us not judge for now. let us say pacquiao means it.

what does “help the people” mean? that is actually the question i want pacquaio to answer the most. in what ways will he help the people if he is a congressman?

pacquaio is the closest any one living filipino closest to being a national hero. in his lastpacmanfight, i will not be exaggerating if i said around 99.99% of filipinos were tuned in to their radios and tv set  cheering him on. when pacquaio won, 99.99% of filipinos cheered for him.

not only did we hear the loud cheering, we also heard the pride and inspiration that his won sparked in 99.99% of all filipinos. he is to us the picture of a pinoy who by hard work, smarts and power catapulted himself to global stardom. we knew that it wasn’t just filipinos who cheered and admired him, it was the rest of the world as well. he is not just a national hero, he is world class and a champion in the world history of all boxing.

and we love that. we are awed by it. we are proud. and that inspires us.

with those, i do not think there is any other filipino now who has helped the people in a bigger and more profound way as pacquaio has done.

his plan of becoming a candidate is driven by his desire to “help the people”. does he not know that he is already doing that. does he not know that in fact no other filipino is able to help the people as much as he has been doing with his boxing triumphs?

his winning his fights help us believe in ourselves, in the capabilities of filipinos. it gives pinoys hope and rekindles in great measure our belief that in this country of ours, hard work, doing the right thing and excellence delivers dividends. his victories jolts us out of skepticism about our capabilities and how individual efforts can change thing.

if pacquaio wants to help the people, he can do this best by being who he is, by being the best that he can be  – by being a champion boxer, not as a congressman. we do not think he will be able to achieve the kind of help to the people by being a congressman than being a champion boxer.

the best help he can give the people is for him to continue to be who he is, to be exactly the person we admire him to be – the world class boxing champion who is a pinoy.

  1. alex
    June 1, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    D NEWS S DAT, GALANTE SI MANNY….those who have access to him can easily ask for his help with their financial problems…… while the masa…tries to ask for balato from him….pang-hospital, panbayad sa tuition, pangpalibing…..of course manny can not answer na…….pasensya na lang kayo kasi wala po akong pera………everybody in this country knows his hundreds of millions, or maybe billions already…..

    but this money…..pinagpawisan niya literally….mukha niya at kataawan niya ang isinugal to acquire what he has now

    a position in the public office….will assure him that his hard-earned money is safe from all those who want to have balato….he will be able to open his door to all those who will seek his assistance,,,,,,with all the funds available for a govt official…….and he will be relieved that his mega fortune will remain intact for him and his family to enjoy……

    he want to help people ????? maybe

    but at the back of it is…..greed….at its basic form

  2. October 26, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    it seems definite that paquiao is running for congressman with a desire to help his constituent, great, its really a great aspiration. how is this to be done, by givinng assistance to those who came to his door for a certain predicament or problem that deals on money. is giving money does really help or just a token show of assistance to these needy persons? these acts are all palliative, skin deep, it does not give true chance to alleviate their economic conditions

    poor families who are continously striving but fails again and again, they are our responsibilities. if manny paquiao becomes congressman of his district, what are the kind of assistance he plans to do. the kind of assistance customary done by regular politician. all palliative and no concrete result for the uplifment of the life of the poor.

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