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Memo To: Manny Pacquiao- Think First Before You Speak, you know…

May 11, 2009 Leave a comment

recent days have media a-buzz with manny pacquiao’s announcement he intends to “sabak”/to join politics. 2010 Presidentiables were ambivalent about his plans, to say the least. (read here:

it’s either this is a start of something good or something bad for pacquiao. so, this early we would like to issue our “Memo To” to mr. pacquiao.

dear mr. pacquiao:

  • most important point – with your announcement of running for public office, your life has changed, both your public and private life. henceforth, anything you say, do and think will be gauged by the public and media from a different and new perspective – that of a politician running for office. each one will be scrutinized and more importantly, anything you say, do or think will be used by the public, voters specifically as basis in deciding if they will vote for you or not. in marketing terms, this means you are building a brand image.
  • your statement saying you might sing the national anthem in your next fight given the controversy martin niviera’s off-singing of it is one example where we think you need to exercise this: THINK BEFORE SPEAK.
  • as  a politician and future elected government official, you need to be aware that the key issue behind nievera’s singing is not really just the singing per se, but  the question of patriotism and nationalism. this is on the respect or disrespect of national symbols.
  • as a politician, you are better off standing on the side of the law and on the side of patriotism and nationalism. if you run for congress, your role is to write laws and you want the citizens to respect and follow the laws you will write.
  • if nievera is your friend and you do not want to offend him, then perhaps you should find a middle ground on what you will say – a place where it will not offend nievera and where you will not sound like you are disrespecting a law.
  • better yet, show your statemanship and convince nievera to apologize for his wrong doing. being able to do this will show not only statemanship but also strong leadership. it will also put you on the side of what is right and smart.

we do have another memo coming up for you, but for the meantime, this memo is for your perusal.


you know…  yours truly,

~2010 Presidentiables.wordpress~  


read how vitwater made manny pacquiao look bad here:


MANILA Philippines – Next time around, Manny Pacquiao might just sing it himself.

Amid the hullabaloo stirred by what many consider an improper rendition of the national anthem by Martin Nievera before the Pacquiao-Hatton bout last May 3, the Filipino boxing idol said he is willing to sing the national anthem “Lupang Hinirang” in his next fight.

“Pwede naman siguro ‘yun (That’s possible) next time… next fight,” a beaming Pacquiao said.

read in full here:

Malacanang says Noli De Castro top admin bet – De Castro given a kiss of death?

May 10, 2009 2 comments

malacanang through it’s political adviser, gabriel claudio, said noli de castro, presidentiable is the administration’s top choice as standard bearer for the 2010 presidentianl election.

did malacanang just give de castro a kiss of death? we really like to know what de castro did after he read that from the newspaper – did he celebrate or did he cry?

Philippines Explosion

did malacanang just give noli de castro a kiss of death?

de castro has been leading the presidentiables surveys largely on the basis of being “clean”, uncontroversial and keeping 3 ten-foot poles away from arroyo, on all four sides of his body.

de castro enjoys the strength of being the incumbent VP, he is in power and with that comes benefits. he has very smartly maintained just good enough visibility compared to arroyo, which is just right given that he is a VP and yet has good enough presence. he is of course lucky he is not married to a certain mike arroyo and his children with the surname arroyo on them and that helps a lot on the no-controversy side.

we can say he enjoys good things from both sides of the political spectrum – being on the admin side and being outside of it. he is known as an independent, not really associated with arroyo and her pathetic performance ratings but not to the extreme of senators lacson and roxas who are rabid anti-arroyo forces.

malacanang now saying he is the top admin candidate may have given de castro 3 tons of mud on de castro’s face, after the kiss of death delivered on de castro’s smackers. arroyo gave the same kiss of death to the admin senatoriables in the last senatorial elections where almost all of them lost the election.

De Castro top administration bet — Palace
By Christian V. Esguerra
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 17:10:00 05/10/2009

MANILA, Philippines — Vice President Noli De Castro is still the administration’s top choice for its standard-bearer in the 2010 presidential election, a Malacañang official said.

Gabriel Claudio, presidential political adviser, described as “highly speculative” the report that De Castro could end up joining another political party outside the administration coalition for his presidential bid.

“Definitely not—he’s still on top of the shortlist of presidential materials by the administration coalition,” he told the Philippine Daily Inquirer (parent company of on Sunday.

“The report is typical of political armchair analysis and barbershop talk,” he said.

colonel querubin, in jail, will run for senate

May 10, 2009 6 comments

Colonel Ariel Querubin

Colonel Ariel Querubin


Detained Colonel to run for senator in 2010

Querubin launches bid on Facebook

By Jocelyn Uy
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 19:24:00 05/10/2009

MANILA, Philippines — Jailed Marine Colonel Ariel Querubin has tossed his hat in the political ring for a senatorial seat in the May 2010 elections.

In an open letter posted on the popular social networking site Facebook, Querubin said, “With a lot of circumspection, I have decided to run for the Senate in 2010.”

“I have no political pedigree, no political machinery and financial resources but I do have honor, principles and courage,” he wrote.

read in full here:

who is colonel ariel querubin?

COLONEL Ariel Querubin, the Marine officer who figured in yesterday’s seven-hour standoff in protest of the supposed voluntarily relief of his commandant, Maj. Gen. Renato Miranda, at the Marines headquarters in Fort Bonifacio, is no ordinary soldier.

Presently the commander of the 1st Marine Brigade, Querubin is a recipient of the military’s highest honor in 2002 for the most exemplary heroism and sacrifice displayed in combat — the Medal of Honor. As a lieutenant colonel, he commanded a Marine battalion landing team that engaged an estimated 300-strong, fully armed band of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) rebels in a 24-hour gun battle in Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte from March 18 to 19, 2000.

Though outnumbered and facing heavy artillery fire, his forces succeeded in breaking the last line of defense of the rebel stronghold, resulting in the capture of Camp John Mack, the MILF’s most strategic staging area for operations.

In the citation, he was described as having inspired courage in his men with his daring maneuvers, unmindful of his own safety, moving positions and drawing fire towards himself with the end of pinpointing where the enemy fire was coming from.

read in full here:

see, hear and feel it – the june start date is here!

May 8, 2009 Leave a comment

sometime ago, we said in this blog  that june 2009 is the “deadline” for presidentiables to launch their campaigns for the presidency. they need to get everything rolling by june, otherwise it might be too late for them. the longer they postpone their start date, the more expensive it will become and the more difficult it will be for them to gain momentum and traction.

it will be more expensive as with fewer months left before election date, it will mean they will need to pour in more money and resources to catch up with the others. it will be more difficult as their opponents who have started early might be too far ahead already that it will take more effort to catch up. also, the closer you get to the election date, the “noisier” everyone will be and that will makes it harder for anyone to stand out.

looking at today’s issue of the PDI, it looks like the presidentiables have taken the point we have written in this blog. today’s front page has 5 stories on the presidentiable and campaigns from 5 different groups. it looks like they took to heart the point we made in this blog that june is  the deadline for them to get their efforts going.

read other post here:

inq 8may09
5 presidentiable and campaign stories from 5 different groups


manny pacquiao forms his own political party

May 5, 2009 Leave a comment


is this an "oh, shit!" or an "whoopee!"?

pacquiao has petitioned the comelec to accredit a political party called “Peoples Champ Movement” as a local party. he will most likely run for congress and they will field candidates in local positions in general santos city and sarangani.

“People’s Champ Movement” reminds me of “Champ” the jollibee hamburger. but i suppose that is much better than “Pambansang Kamao Movement” or “Pacman The Champ Movement”. i am also glad they dropped the idea of  “Champ Ako, You Know…”  (read   “manny pacquioa is a loser, you know..” here:

forming his own party is a good idea. that way he can define the direction he wants his party to take. it also frees him from being beholden to anyone or any ideology.

running for congress next year is a bad idea for him, career wise. freddie roach thinks pacquiao has two to three more good years as a champion fighter. that means mega-$ in fees and purse, possibly the biggest in the history of boxing and in the process cementing his place as one of the boxing greats in the sport’s history.

this congress thing will be very distracting for him. distraction at this point in in his career is a very bad thing. pacquiao has just gotten one step inside the halls of boxing greatness. the next two to three years of boxing will get him right in the middle of it. 

we think it is ok for him to form the political party if that cannot be stopped anymore but he should not run for congress and just be the leader of his party. he should define what it is all about, set directions and the philiosphy and show the country he has more than just boxing prowess but leadership and vision for his city and the country.  


Manny Pacquiao For President? 2010 Philippine Presidential Elections

May 4, 2009 1 comment

manny pacquiao is now the boxing world’s legend. he is a true pinoy hero. world class skills and talents. a world champion many times over. admired by people all over the world.  

a perfect picture of pinoy excellence, brilliance, hard work and skill. a man who unifies the country. a man every pinoy cheers to win, no exception.

mar roxas gets 40% of votes in poll. de castro, bayani and escudero get 20% each.

May 1, 2009 Leave a comment

that is the poll results as of may 1. cast your vote!

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