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Memo To: Mar Roxas – On Korina Sanchez, Love & Marriage As A Marketing Strategy

May 13, 2009 5 comments

mar roxas and korina sanchez engaged to marry

dear mr. roxas,

we are happy to hear your announcement to marry ms. korina sanchez. we wish you all the best on this one.

the announcement was done very publicly. well, of course we expect it to be that given that you are a senator and ms. sanchez is a popular media practitioner. doing this in any different way seem to be out of character. and yes, there is the 2010 presidential election to which you have set your sights on.

what called our attention to this one is the way it has been publicly done. it was done just like consumer marketing companies do it – it’s like event marketing to us. how else can you explain the fact that korina sanchez even guested at wowowee, the most popular noontime tv show in the country.

it is unmistakable, marrying korina sanchez, love & marriage is a marketing strategy. we have a few points:

  • timing, as in any marketing activity specially of this kind is most important. you want it at just the right time – not too early that it’s impact fizzles out before and not too late that it will no longer have an impact.
  • on this love & marriage marketing strategy, we think your timing was off – it was too early.
  • more importantly, we think it’s the wrong component of the love & marriage marketing strategy that you employed.
  • we think it’s too early as the election is still too far off. as you can see now, it has had minimal impact. it created a bit of a buzz but it was very short-lived.
  • did you actually propose to ms. sanchez? how did you do it? we think you missed out on this component which could have been turned into a much better story. you should have proposed to ms. sanchez in a most romantic way. you missed out on the “kilig” factor had you initiated a very romantic and dramatic proposal.
  • you know have a long engagement – that opens you up to chismis and intrigue from now on. well, that goes for the both of you. the chismis and intrigue is certainly an unwelcome distraction and might bring unwanted issues. 

bottom line, we think the love & marriage marketing strategy was ill-conceived, not thought through and poorly executed. sayang!

but all is not lost. it can still be saved. we are prepared to enumerate fresh action steps to revive this marketing strategy and that is the next topic here in 2010 presidentiables.worpdress.

yours truly,

~2010 presidentiables.wordpress~

philippine labor: unemployment at record high 1QTR 2009

May 12, 2009 1 comment

First Quarter 2009 Social Weather Survey: Adult unemployment at record-high 34.2%, 13% of them left old job, 12% were retrenched

Social Weather Stations

The First Quarter 2009 Social Weather Survey, fielded over February 20-23, 2009, found adult unemployment rising to record-high 34.2%, or an estimated 14 million, from 27.9% or estimated 11 million from the previous quarter.

The survey also found that of those unemployed, 13% voluntarily left their old job, while 12% were retrenched, consisting of 9% who were laid off and 3% whose previous contact was not renewed.

Unemployment has been over 20% since 2005

Adult unemployment in the SWS surveys has been 20% and above since May 2005, except for December 2007 when it was 17.5% [Chart 1, Table 1].

In the SWS data series which began in 1993, unemployment was below 15% until March 2004, and then ranged from 16.5% to 19.0% from August 2004 to March 2005.



“Ako Ang Simula”, “Ako Mismo” – Ako Nalilito, May Duda

May 12, 2009 10 comments

(english back translation of title: “I am the start”, “I myself” – I am confused, Suspicious”)

i don’t think anyone will miss what just happened. “ako” (me) all of a sudden became very important in the last few weeks.

first, we were called attention to “ako” during the pacquaio-hatton fight when we saw these long list of celebrities declaring “ako mismo”. its a well produced tv ad and a damn expensive ad to produce given the wall-to-wall celebrities appearing in the ad. this is probably the most expensive tv ad produced in the country’s history on the talent fees alone. (view the ad here:

Akoo Mismo

Ako Mismo

 then just last night, “ako” came up again in a different form, “Boto Mo, Ipatrol Mo, Ako Ang Simula” (Your Vote, Patro It, I am the start) through abs-cbn.

ako amg simula

ako ang simula

question: has the ad industry and broadcast media ran out of creativity that they are unable to come up with phrases or titles that are different from each other? must they be so similar to each other?

the names of these “advocacies” are so close together that i think people will confuse one for the other, although reading the websites will tell you they are very different in what they are for but admittedly they use the same core consumer insight.

“ako ang simula” is abs-cbn’s vehicle to get content from its viewers through text (SMS) and video (MMS) for the election. apparently they have done this previously where viewers sent them text and MMS on what people witness to be election irregularities.

“ako mismo” is supposed to be an advocacy to get citizens involved in nation-building or changing the country. we do not know yet what this group will do in the end, but it is asking for “commitments” and personal information from participants.

the first one, “ako ang simula” is very clear in intent – to gather content for their news and programs for the tv station from viewers. the second one, “ako mismo”  is unclear in intent and what it is for.

we like to raise a few red flags for “ako mismo”.

  • first, this movement’s objective has not been stated. you need to be careful with groups like these. ignore the fact that celebrities are in the ad and even they did not say what this group od for.
  • second, it is gathering a lot of personal information for those who join it. and it is through the internet that they are doing this. you know how it is in the internet – giving personal information is a big no-no. the website says they now have 90T signatories. it has become a big group, we wish them well.
  • third, this is being funded by smart and pldt – the largest telecoms in the country. the kind of information they are asking participants to give out is very useful demographics data for a business like smart and pldt. also, they can sell the personal information you give them to other tele-marketers.
  • fourth, press releases have said DDB, an ad agency is managing the whole thing. DDB is the ad agency of smart and pldt.  DDB as an ad agency will not do anything for free. it does things for clients. this is no exception – they are doing this and getting paid for by smart or pldt.

the biggest problem we have on “ako mismo”  is very simply it has not stated its goal/s. we do not think it is wise to join a group, give so much personal information to anyone or any group that has not stated what the group is for and what will it do. and one more – it is plainly not safe to give your personal information on the internet.

next in this blog: what is the good thing about this? 

ako ang simula website:

ako mismo website:

how vitwater made a fool of manny pacquiao

May 11, 2009 1 comment

making a fool of a celebrity in a celebrity tv ad

in ads, a lot of effort is put into making the talents, most specially celebrities to look in the best possible light. ad agencies hire professional make up artists, costume designers and the best cameramen to make sure the talents look good on screen. directors are very particular to make sure that aside from making sure the storyboard is delivered, the talent should also look good. some celebrities even make it part of the their contract that their preferred make-up artist are hired for tv ads they appear in.

clients choose talents in their ads, specially celebrities, because they bring something good to the ad and the product. use a well loved celebrity and they expect sales to go up.

so why did vitwater make manny pacquiao look bad in their ad?

read in full here:

gilbert who? introduces himself in tv ad

May 11, 2009 7 comments

there is a gilbert something who declared he is a presidentiable. while we did not know who he is, we got to know him during the pacquiao-hatton fight when we found out gilbert who? is gilbert tedoro, the concurrent secretary of defense.

teodoro aired close to 5,000 spots during the pacquiao-hatton fight. we think adding up the total number of seconds teodoro’s ads appeared during the fight would be longer than the actual fight itself which lasted only two rounds. the significance of that is that he spent a lot of money in airing his ads.

meet teodoro who? with this ad: 

the tv ad is really an introductory ad for gilber teodoro. we do not think people know who he is and what he did for the government of arroyo. this ad explains what he does.

the ad also helps us spell his last name, T-E-O-D-O-R-O and gave the letters new meaning all of which spell out what we need to do in an emergency. oh, dealing with emergency is one of the things t-e-o-d-o-r-o is r-e-s-p-o-n-s-i-b-l-e for in the arroyo government.

we are of course t-h-a-n-k-f-u-l that teodoro told us what we need to do for emergencies. while the ad told us these things, we will probably remember the correct spelling of his name. the only problem of course is that emergencies do not happen that often. but since we see the ad very often on tv, he is hoping we will remember his name very often.

Memo To: Manny Pacquiao- Think First Before You Speak, you know…

May 11, 2009 Leave a comment

recent days have media a-buzz with manny pacquiao’s announcement he intends to “sabak”/to join politics. 2010 Presidentiables were ambivalent about his plans, to say the least. (read here:

it’s either this is a start of something good or something bad for pacquiao. so, this early we would like to issue our “Memo To” to mr. pacquiao.

dear mr. pacquiao:

  • most important point – with your announcement of running for public office, your life has changed, both your public and private life. henceforth, anything you say, do and think will be gauged by the public and media from a different and new perspective – that of a politician running for office. each one will be scrutinized and more importantly, anything you say, do or think will be used by the public, voters specifically as basis in deciding if they will vote for you or not. in marketing terms, this means you are building a brand image.
  • your statement saying you might sing the national anthem in your next fight given the controversy martin niviera’s off-singing of it is one example where we think you need to exercise this: THINK BEFORE SPEAK.
  • as  a politician and future elected government official, you need to be aware that the key issue behind nievera’s singing is not really just the singing per se, but  the question of patriotism and nationalism. this is on the respect or disrespect of national symbols.
  • as a politician, you are better off standing on the side of the law and on the side of patriotism and nationalism. if you run for congress, your role is to write laws and you want the citizens to respect and follow the laws you will write.
  • if nievera is your friend and you do not want to offend him, then perhaps you should find a middle ground on what you will say – a place where it will not offend nievera and where you will not sound like you are disrespecting a law.
  • better yet, show your statemanship and convince nievera to apologize for his wrong doing. being able to do this will show not only statemanship but also strong leadership. it will also put you on the side of what is right and smart.

we do have another memo coming up for you, but for the meantime, this memo is for your perusal.


you know…  yours truly,

~2010 Presidentiables.wordpress~  


read how vitwater made manny pacquiao look bad here:


MANILA Philippines – Next time around, Manny Pacquiao might just sing it himself.

Amid the hullabaloo stirred by what many consider an improper rendition of the national anthem by Martin Nievera before the Pacquiao-Hatton bout last May 3, the Filipino boxing idol said he is willing to sing the national anthem “Lupang Hinirang” in his next fight.

“Pwede naman siguro ‘yun (That’s possible) next time… next fight,” a beaming Pacquiao said.

read in full here:

Malacanang says Noli De Castro top admin bet – De Castro given a kiss of death?

May 10, 2009 2 comments

malacanang through it’s political adviser, gabriel claudio, said noli de castro, presidentiable is the administration’s top choice as standard bearer for the 2010 presidentianl election.

did malacanang just give de castro a kiss of death? we really like to know what de castro did after he read that from the newspaper – did he celebrate or did he cry?

Philippines Explosion

did malacanang just give noli de castro a kiss of death?

de castro has been leading the presidentiables surveys largely on the basis of being “clean”, uncontroversial and keeping 3 ten-foot poles away from arroyo, on all four sides of his body.

de castro enjoys the strength of being the incumbent VP, he is in power and with that comes benefits. he has very smartly maintained just good enough visibility compared to arroyo, which is just right given that he is a VP and yet has good enough presence. he is of course lucky he is not married to a certain mike arroyo and his children with the surname arroyo on them and that helps a lot on the no-controversy side.

we can say he enjoys good things from both sides of the political spectrum – being on the admin side and being outside of it. he is known as an independent, not really associated with arroyo and her pathetic performance ratings but not to the extreme of senators lacson and roxas who are rabid anti-arroyo forces.

malacanang now saying he is the top admin candidate may have given de castro 3 tons of mud on de castro’s face, after the kiss of death delivered on de castro’s smackers. arroyo gave the same kiss of death to the admin senatoriables in the last senatorial elections where almost all of them lost the election.

De Castro top administration bet — Palace
By Christian V. Esguerra
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 17:10:00 05/10/2009

MANILA, Philippines — Vice President Noli De Castro is still the administration’s top choice for its standard-bearer in the 2010 presidential election, a Malacañang official said.

Gabriel Claudio, presidential political adviser, described as “highly speculative” the report that De Castro could end up joining another political party outside the administration coalition for his presidential bid.

“Definitely not—he’s still on top of the shortlist of presidential materials by the administration coalition,” he told the Philippine Daily Inquirer (parent company of on Sunday.

“The report is typical of political armchair analysis and barbershop talk,” he said.

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