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No To Con-Ass Power – across the board, in lightning speed

the power of the people’s movement against the Con-Ass is at the same time  the same as before and new. but what calls attention in a very stark and obvious way is the new things that we saw unfold in this No To Con-Ass Power.

you see its power from people from all walks of life coming together to express it’s sentiments of outrage and rejection of con-ass. many of them banded together, formed small groups and did their own protest or forms of expressing their rejection of con-ass. across these individuals and individual groups run a common thread of rejection of con-ass.

what we saw in makati is a true representation of philippine society from the rich to the poor, the powerful and the powerless across all types of demographics and psychographics.

what is even more startling and this shows its true strength and power is by the speed by which individuals and groups came out to express their rejection of con-ass. it was lightning speed – withing a 24 to 48 hours of the House Of RAPISTSentatives passing HR 1109, groups were on the street in front of Ateneo asking motorists to honk their horns to protest con-ass.

a new component and this one showed massive power was the internet. in lightning speed, individuals and small groups released a logo for the movement, a website set up, numerous blogs publishing their views, twitter churning twits and a facebook account set-up.  the facebook component registered thousands almost immediately and is expected to reach 200,000 by the end of the week.

the power that the internet showed on the anti con-ass was so strong that traditional media like abs cbn’s prime time national news program ran a story on it last night  and major national newspapers also had it on their front pages.

the internet allows people who are not in the country, those outside of metro manila and those who are not available to join street protests to register their sentiments and their voices heard. 

by itself the numbers who used the internet as a form of protest are already huge, multiply than by at least 1o times and you will get the number of people who have read these postings on the internet.   these silent majority on the internet is a mother load of voices that will be heard in time.

and that is where the weakness of arroyo lie.

one of the biggest problems of arroyo is she is either immune, clueless or in-denial or all of it on the sentiments of the people. this is one president who was sworn in and actually promise to serve the people in her own terms, not in terms of what the people want and need, nor for the common good.

she has always underestimated or have turned a blind eye and mind to the the true sentiments of the people. this blindness is most susceptible to the power of the internet. the internet is largely invisible in numbers. clicks and hits are just numbers that one can easily forget the clicks and hits were done by humans, most probably all pinoys.

saying more on this may be futile, but this needs to be said for the last time – The  No To Con-Ass Power is across the board, in lightning speed. the wall has the writing on it.

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