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HR 1109 Con-ass petitions junked, calls Atty. Lozano “ignorant and ignoble”, proven to have “cerebral deficit”. Aray ko po! Sana’y patawarin ka ng langit!

okay, okay, hold your horses. when we read that the SC junked the con-ass petition lodged by atty. oliver lozano against passing of the con-ass HR 1109, we gave out an audible chuckle. it is headline news.
we proceeded with drinking coffee, then somewhere down the article, it said this:

The House has not yet performed a positive act that would warrant an intervention from this Court,” the high tribunal said in an eight-page unanimous resolution throwing out petitions by lawyer Oliver Lozano and businessman Louis Biraogo.

The court said the petitioners had no standing to question House Resolution No. 1109 and brushed off their claim that they were taxpayers. The tribunal said that no tax money had yet been spent for the planned exercise.

While saying that it had taken a liberal position in entertaining questions of law from those who claim to suffer personal injury from state acts, it declared that “it is not an open invitation for the ignorant and the ignoble to file petitions that prove nothing but their cerebral deficit.”

and the last sentence of the last paragraph almost took me to the emergency room for 2nd degree burns on my mouth and hands as i spewed hot coffee out of my mouth. i did not scream in pain, i laughed loud, as in LOL and LMAO to the nth degree!

i have to admit, i do not know what “ignoble” means but hey, extracting the meaning of the word from the context used in that sentence, i knew it must something every nasty.

here is a check on the meaning of the word:

Definitions of ignoble on the Web:

 the other part that made me understand what the word meant was the last part of the sentence people who file these types of petitions with the SC, aside from bring ignorant and ignoble (i love the word!) is that it proves they have a “cerebral deficit”!

i did not need to look up the meaning of the phrase, i get what it means. but will atty. lozano get it? how can he ever go the SC again when the SC has labeled him “ignorant and ignoble”, not to mention he has proven to the SC he suffers from “cerebral deficit”? hello, is this The National Mental Hospital?

damn, these SC justices can be real nasty!  

Lawyer Oliver Lozano, the "ignorant and ignoble" and has proven to have "cerebral deficit"

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