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  1. July 10, 2009 at 5:12 pm

    for me ex pres c. aquino was the tool for the filipino who suffer alot.she makes a lot of sacrificed even her personal life was raptured by the cruel society.she!s so sick and i am so sad !coz up to this time justice is still so dark for her.my prayer is pls be fair to this lady who sacrifice a lot for the sake of our country and she shd also be rewarded for the truth and justice she!s waiting for.people out there you know the truth.come out then tell the truth so that you will feel alright if you.her moment is not for hiding anymore.i know someone knows everything.we know also striken by this kind of sickness is not a joke. we also witness my mother of this kind moment !coz she also pass away with brain cancer.my only prayer for this simple ex pres.is to ffind the real culprit of her husband. its your gift f u can do it to her.i will pray 4 u ex pres. and tnx a lot of what u did to our country.get well soon. me and my family loves u.

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