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the lessons arroyo’s breast implants taught us – cerge remonde looks at arroyo’s breasts

i don’t know if these can pass for life lessons, but these certainly pass for lessons that need to be learned specially by spokespersons of people in power.

lesson 1: when reporters ask you if your boss has breast implants, make sure you use the most politically correct language. 

Press Secretary Cerge Remonde:

“As I said, res ipsa loquitur (the matter speaks for itself). Just look if the President had a breast implant. That’s a private matter. It’s obvious if women have had breast implants. The sexy actresses with (unbelievable) boobs, they’re the ones who underwent breast implants. We can’t say the same thing of the President,” he said.

the use of legal terms in latin is not the politically incorrect statement made here by remonde. neither did it’s use help save the day for remonde.

in that statement, remonde admits looking at arroyo’s breasts.

we know he  has looked at them as he was able to compare arroyo’s boobs versus those of sexy actresses. in fact he finds arroyo’s boobs not as big as those of sexy actresses. the small size of arroyo’s breasts enabled him to conclude arroyo do not have breast implants.

remonde’s knowledge of whether arroyo has or do not have breast implants is NOT based on facts revealed by arroyo or any medical report that he has read.  according to him, it is based on his own personal VISUAL sightings.

while having breast implants may be a private matter as remonde said, arroyo’s breasts don’t seem to be something private since he looks at them. according to him,  to his eyes  it is not obvious that arroyo had breast implants. and they don’t look unbelievable.

the sexy actresses and all women should ask remonde what is his problem with women getting breast augmentation.

also, knowing that sexy actresses have breast implants betray that remonde has looked at the breasts of sexy actresses, too. that is obvious as he was able to have a point of comparison.

next question is how did he look at them? in person? tv? or does he subscribe to FHM and Maxim? does his wife now this?

the example above shows the importance of ALWAYS making politically correct statements. 

remonde  got himself into politically incorrect statement hell when he needed to take back his words later in the day. making all those raunchy references to sexy actresses’  boobs also did not sit well either.

was he even aware that in the process  of defending arroyo, he admitted he looks  at arroyo’s breasts? that is  not a good thing to do when the breasts you look at are your boss’ breasts and the boss is actually the president of the country.  now, the whole country knows where remonde’s eyes go to when he talks to arroyo. and we won’t be surprised his wife now also know. what has  mike arroyo got to say about remonde?

  1. July 7, 2009 at 10:10 pm

    Maybe, looking the president’s breasts is part of his job as the President’s spokesperson. haha!

    • July 7, 2009 at 10:19 pm

      part of the job description, do doubt.

  2. July 9, 2009 at 9:08 am

    Let’s stop pretending especially all the men who commented on the Presidential breast implant as “entirely a personal thing” when actually their lascivious grins meant this: “ang gaga, akala niya me iaasim pa siya!”

  1. December 12, 2009 at 11:15 pm

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