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obama-arroyo lovefest meeting – is that joy or sadness?

or is it just paranoia? or mistrust?

a meeting between a president of any country, most specially a small third world country like  the philippines and barack obama, the new rock star of politics and the president of the most powerful nation is surely news and and a big thing.

i said “news” and a “big thing”, didn’t say yet if it is good or bad.  at that point is where the questions of paranoia and mistrust come into play.

the first question we have in our mind is this- what for is arroyo meeting with obama? what are the benefits for the country?

arroyo, well actually the country will spend money on this trip. and basing it on past foreign trips of arroyo, she will probably spend a lot, very much, with a extremely high cost on this trip. arroyo has the habit of bringing with her the whole barangay and everyone at the next barangay for her foreign trips.

this most likely being arroyo’s last trip to the US as president and meeting obama for the first time after a couple of girly-crush attempts previously, no stones will be unturned to make sure arroyo gets over the top coverage for this trip.

and that leads us to the biggest reason for the title of this post — what for is this meeting between arroyo and obama when arroyo’s term as president will end in about 12 month’s time?

whatever decisions or agreements arroyo and obama will make on this meeting, not much can be done or implemented in the philippines since arroyo has just a few months left in her term. i am not saying arroyo is a lame duck president, but one year left in her term is equivalent to a few minutes in national governance.

the press releases sent out by malacanang is that arroyo wanted to thank obama for the passage of the veterans bill in the US congress. if that is all the reason that arroyo is going to the US to meet with obama, aren’t there more efficient ways to say thank you to obama?

arroyo will most likely spend US$300M++ in this trip with the two barangays in tow. can she not send her thank yous to obama through a telephone call? or maybe a cellphone text? one text message to the US will only cost P15.00. well ok, she will need to write a very long text, so maybe P60.00 at most for text equivalent to sending 4 text messages? does it have to be $300M++? 

maybe there is some joy, not sure yet but maybe there is some  in arroyo meeting with obama. one thing sure though, there is sadness because of the high cost of this trip.

now to the first two sentences in this post.

arroyo meeting with obama fueled by paranoia is this – is arroyo meeting with obama to talk about her obsessive desire to be president of this country for life? well, ok at least term extension. or supremo prime minister after cha-cha that will result to prime minister for life?

we know that for good or for bad the US is an important ally of the philippines. marcos’ downfall was hastened when the US refused to support marcos. the US even allowed marcos to stay in hawaii. allowed imelda even!  many things we like or dislike the US needs to give a nod to it if not to agree with.

the mistrust part is obvious. it seems to be written in every word of this post. arroyo is one leader of this country who we cannot seem to learn to trust. we love to mistrust arroyo. we know that her words are  not necessarily  true to what they actually mean in the dictionary.

this is a president who likes to give the image of a very religious woman with a strong faith and belief in God. and yet this is the same president who said she talked to God and God told her not to run for president. and this she announce to the country – I talked to God and I have decided not to run for president in the next election.

then bam! a few weeks later, she announces she will run for president, forgetting about what God told her. how can a very religious woman forget what she and God talked about.

i guess we will not know what the real intent and the real agenda is until after the actual meeting with obama, maybe weeks, months or even years after.

is there sadness or joy?

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