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Mar Roxas’ TV ad “Padyak II- ramdam” – ramdam kong umiyak, natawa nga lang ako

this ad of mar roxas talks about the right things – a presidentiable who feels the pains and aspirations of the people, someone who will fight for them. the people complains and talks about their needs on  high prices, corruption, education and health.

but the execution of this ad made me laugh.

the dramatic music was supposed to bring out concern and empathy from the audience. the ordinary people who talked on cam sounded grave and their messages heartfelt.

but i laughed! no tears, no concern and not empathy, just laughter.

the directorial treatment was over-acting. the actors and actresses in the ad did not know how to act. they could have been real people and not actors and that means the director did a very bad job at directing the real talent actors. if the talents were professional actors, they were really bad actors.

because of the acting and the directorial treatment, the whole thing looked fake and unreal.

it is a WAWAM!

  1. July 21, 2009 at 10:20 am

    The Ads must be revised to improve the acting, more feelings should be depicted, maybe change the actors or change the director…

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