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2010 Presidentiables Soon To Reach 25,000 Hits Milestone

the 2010 Presidentiables  blog will soon reach a first important milestone of 25,000 hits. it now stands at 24,500 and will hit that new milestone of 25,000 most probably

The 2010 Presidentiables Blog

The 2010 Presidentiables Blog

within the week.

the growth of this blog has been phenomenal specially in the last 3 to 4 months. from a top hit of 900 a month at the end of 2008, it grew to 2,000 hits by start of this year or +122%.

the growth continued to peak in march at 2,400 hits growing more than twice from the beginning of the year. starting in may, the hits more than doubled month to month and has now peaked to 7,300 hits as of today. that is a staggering +265% from the start of the year and a phenomenal +711% since end of 2008.

the phenomenal growth of this blog is due to a significantly growing and widening reader base. the addition of two new authors, alexangelph who writes for loren legarda and shenbrood who writes for nicanor perlas have also contributed significantly with their highly informative pieces on the presidentiables they support.

the efforts of these two new authors is not only helping the candidates they support, they are pulling in new readers.

another contributing factor to the growth of this blog is the natural seasonal pull of philippine election fever as the country approaches closer to the may 2010 elections and as the candidates and traditional media populate the minds of the electorate with election related topics.

more importantly, we think the branding or naming of this blog, the use the word “presidentiables” in the URL makes it a natural and strong magnet for searches on the topic.

it is a lesson in marketing 101 and something that we had planned and strategized from the very beginning. this blog was the first the use the word “presidentiables” in wordpress and in twitter. naming and branding is key in the very vast world of the internet where viewership is almost totally dependent on the words we type in our searches.

our projection is that this blog will continue to grow exponentially in the coming months specially as we get closer to the election.

and on that note, we like to once again invite supporters of presidentiables to become authors here in 2010 Presidentiables. this blog is already delivering the audience and that can only grow exponentially in the coming months. not only will you be able to help the presidentiable you support, it will also help bring in readership.

we like to thank all the readers, old and new who visit this blog for pushing this blog to reach a new milestone. many thanks to the authors in this blog,  specially the blog’s new authors – alexangelph and shenbrood  who have significantly helped this blog expand and reach more readers.


update: today, july 22, 2009 at close to 8:00 pm, 2010 Presidentiables reached the 25,000 hits mark. thank you to all the readers.

  1. alexangelph
    July 22, 2009 at 10:15 am

    Congratulations wawam! without your hard work and dedication in political news this will not happen. I admire your updates so much I decided to help out.

    Thank you for accepting me as Senator Loren Legarda’s writer (even I have no connection with her).

    I also like to thank our readers for visiting this site because without them, we won’t get 25,000 hits. As for my part, as a writer.. I will try my very best to reply to anyone. Thanks again for taking time to read about Senator Loren Legarda. I really appreciate it!

    Take care guys!

  2. July 22, 2009 at 11:14 pm

    Congratularions to this blog and also to Wawam for a job well done. Our deepest thanks as well goes to all the readers and visitors of this blog.

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