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On Arroyo’s State Of The Nation Address, this is the state of nation’s mind

in today’s State Of  The Nation Address of president gloria macapagal arroyo, the state of the nation’s mind is that of high mistrust and a much bigger dose of skepticism.

cardinal gaudencio rosales, the archibishop of manila, the highest in the catholic church’s heirarchy in the philippines sums it up very well – “tell the truth”.

for a bishop to tell that to the president of the country speaks volumes. in normal times with a normal presidency, the truth is a given and something that need not be told to the highest elective position of the country to speak.

the SONA would have been a time to celebrate achievements of the past and a time to generate excitement for the future. SONAs do not only speak of past achievements but what are the plans and programs for the future that builds on the past.

and that is where the problem lie. this is a presidency that does not have a stellar past. if anything, it is quite the opposite. this is a presidency plagued by scandals, missteps, lies that have been found out and a huge does of in-denial.

while we know it is unrealistic to expect a perfect presidency, what we expect is a presidency that owns up to errors and weaknesses and measure to correct them and improve upon.

that is not the arroyo presidency. this is a presidency who will never, ever own up to errors, mistakes or weaknesses. it is a presidency who likes to talk and in fact boast only of the good and the great even if we all know they are not true.

lies is the foundation of this presidency, from the grand to the trivial. the latest trivial lie of which is on arroyo’s breast implants. these small and huge lies have contributed to the skepticism we have harbored and percolated over the years.

this poisonous brew shows up everywhere – a presidency that has gotten dismal results in performance and trust ratings quarter to quarter of opinion polls across many years.

the mind of the nation was not as poisoned as it is now. but what is that we can do? the poison was there for us to see and shoved into our minds by arroyo herself. and that is what is the state of mind of the nation on this day of state of the nation address of arroyo – a hunger for truth.  



Bishop to Arroyo: ‘Just tell the truth’
Talk about accomplishments, mistakes

By Norman Bordadora, Tonette Orejas, Chito A. Fuentes
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:40:00 07/27/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales Sunday asked President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to tell the true state of the nation when she delivers her address before a joint session of Congress Monday afternoon.

Rosales said Ms Arroyo should tell the truth not only about her accomplishments but also about her mistakes as her term ends next year, the CBCP news website reported Sunday.

“She (has) also done something good, and people will not take it against her if she mentions them,” Rosales was quoted as saying.

“Next year will be different, that’s why she has to tell what is true—that’s what people want to hear,” he added.

University of the Philippines professor Randy David and Sen. Francis Escudero also urged Ms Arroyo to tell the people the real score in her State of the Nation Address (SONA), her ninth since she took power in 2001.

“But perhaps, the usual boasting will be done again,” David said, calling on Filipinos to scrutinize Ms Arroyo’s supposed achievements on the economic front.



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