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Farewell Tita Cory. Your Legacy Will Live On!

Corazon Cojuangco Aquino more popularly known as Tita Cory passed away at 3:18am. Here in Baliwag, Bulacan where I live rain began to pour so hard at around 2am and then it suddenly stopped at around that time. I did not know that Cory died until my son informed me of a text message which I received that indeed Cory had died.

For me there is nothing to be sad about. There is nothing that we should be so sorry about. Cory lived a life with purpose and she had lived it well. I did not even get the chance to tie a yellow ribbon although I wanted to. Personally I believe that it is beyond trying a yellow ribbon for Cory wanted to make our hearts yellow. Yellow in the sense that she wanted us to unite for our country and to create a better Philippines. She wanted the Filipinos to realize who they are and to make a difference.

Cory’s passing should not end her legacy for it had just began. It might be sending a message that now it is our turn to serve our country and to finally break the bondage that the Marcos regime had engulped every Filipino people and that was broken for a short time during the People Power Revolution. Through the course of many years that bondage had returned and hopefully each of us will break it again.

Here is a Tribute I have written at Pagod Ka Na Bang Maging si Juan? for Tita Cory that am sure her legacy will be continued. Farewell Tita Cory!

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