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9M Filipino families say they’re poor—SWS

MANILA, Philippines—More than nine million Filipino families consider themselves poor, while nearly two in five say they are “food poor,” according to the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

The Second Quarter of 2009 survey, conducted from June 19 to 22 and released yesterday, said 50 percent of the household heads interviewed, representative of about 9.3 million families, considered themselves poor.

This is three points higher than the 47 percent (some 8.7 million families) posted in February.

Both self-rated poverty and self-rated food poverty rose sharply in Mindanao from the figures posted in the last quarter, the survey also found.

In terms of self-rated poverty, 27 percent placed themselves on the borderline, while 22 percent said they were not poor.

In terms of self-rated food poverty, 39 percent of families (some 7.2 million) said they were food poor, while 33 percent put themselves on the food borderline and 28 percent considered themselves not food poor.

In March 2001, at the start of the Arroyo administration, 49 percent rated themselves food poor, according to SWS.


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