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Geejay Arriola on Nick Perlas as a CHOICE FOR THE GOOD

If you are not yet a Nick Perlas supporter, please take a moment to read everything on this site (www.nickperlas.com) and all the other Nick Perlas sites under LINKS.

The future of our country lies in your WISE vote.  Do not vote based on popularity.  Do not vote based on who has the best TV ad or on who has the most exposure on radio and television.  Rather, vote based on the person’s rich involvement in TRULY making our lives better DESPITE traditional politicians, DESPITE corruption.

Read about Nick Perlas, and KNOW that our country has HOPE.

With Nick, it is no longer a choice among the lesser evil, but a choice for the GOOD.

I have been told by friends, “Why him–he doesn’t stand a chance.”  Or “He should run for a lower position first.”

I BELIEVE. And so does Nick, and so do many, many others.  It is time to take that LEAP OF FAITH and BELIEVE that anything can be possible.

I have never, in my entire life, volunteered and actively campaigned for a political canditate.   But I am now.  Having been in development work for over 25 years and having seen CHANGE drag slowly like a manacled visionary, I almost gave up on the Philippines–I almost gave up on the Filipino people…..And then an unassuming, quiet, humble, green activist comes out of the shadows and runs for President.

Just in the Nick of time.

Can anything be more inspiring and powerful?

Geejay Arriola
development worker, songwriter, musician, theater artist,
graphic artist, webdesigner, cultural worker

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