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great marketing 101 : the mar roxas-korina sanchez wedding date set

this is good marketing – announcing the date of the wedding after the much publicized (ahem, televised on live tv even) engagement.

it will be on october 23 this year. that is some good weeks from now, for it gain some traction and just a few weeks before the comelec registration for candidates to the 2010 election. and that is where the good marketing is – the wedding just before the comelec registration.

the wedding will give mar roxas a  declared presidentiable some good mileage and hopefully some great momentum to the election period.

there are many points that can be milked here – the wedding itself of course, the honeymoon and the baby.

the honeymoon we will of course not witness but telling us where and when will get us all excited for them. even if they don’t have a honeymoon, that will still be good copy for media.

now, the baby – we don’t know what their plans are. but getting korina pregnant before the may election will be just brilliant! a pregnant korina will get us all titillated and ogling. think about it – a new born baby in malacanang. that is history and a great story.

is there a downside? well – if the wedding does not push through. that will be deadly. the other is if things go wrong during the wedding. they need to get the best wedding planner in this country and they should give that wedding planner an army of alalays to pull this off.

congratulations mr. mar roxas – this is great marketing 101.

It’s confirmed: Sen. Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez will (finally, finally!) get married in what they call a “People’s Wedding” on Oct. 23.

“It will be an afternoon wedding,” Korina said in an interview with Funfare.

The venue is a toss-up between Sto. Domingo Church and the Manila Cathedral. But the reception will definitely be held at Bahay na Puti (in Cubao, Quezon City), the home of Mar’s lolo and lola and the venue of the reception for the wedding of Mar’s parents, former Sen. Gerry Roxas and Judy Araneta, and his aunt Baby Araneta and Dr. Raul Fores.

“So,” said Korina, “in a big way, we are following tradition. There may be more than a thousand guests although we have yet to finalize the list. Mar has relatives in Negros, Iloilo, Capiz and Bulacan; while mine are from Pampanga. Some of my relatives will come from New York.”

There are not too many details as yet.

“Mar and I want to hold it at the Sto. Domingo Church which has a long walk and a beautiful entrance with beautiful stained glass all over it. There are wonderful, wide corridors and a garden in the middle,” added Korina. “The Manila Cathedral is also an old church which has beautifully gilded cornices and a beautiful ceiling and is very regal aside from it already being air-conditioned. There may be another church we are looking at, like San Sebastian Church and Quiapo Church. We will decide which one this week.”


  1. Norma
    August 19, 2009 at 5:21 pm

    .. I am happy with Senator Mar and beautiful Korina for their forthcoming wedding.

    …I hope it will be a great and successful event!!!


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