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Paula Zayco Aberasturi on Nicanor Perlas, “…because of Nicanor Perlas that I find myself inspired and moved”

I have my mind and heart set on Nicanor Perlas. Who is Nicanor Perlas? You can check http://nicanorperlas.com but let me tell you why, because of Nicanor Perlas, my apathetic self will vote anew after 15 sorry years.

The last time I voted was when I was 18. From then on, I lost hope. And yet, for the first time, I have FAITH. Faith that my one lone vote can transcend, transform, and heal. It is because of Nicanor Perlas that I find myself inspired and moved to do work for the nation. I have learned an abundance from this man but I let me share with you three life-changing lessons:

1. You can live a life of authenticity. I have finally met a man whose entire life has resonated with his values. You see through people. Nicky’s integrity is without question. He lives and breathes it, conscious about each thought, word, feeling and act, and its power in the world. Nicky walks his talk. As someone has aptly stated: “If there is anyone who can go into a system full of temptation in every shape and form and maintain his integrity and values AND clean up the mess, it is him.”

2. We can chart our own course. We have been living in a world created for us, donning identities that are not truly ours. Nicky has challenged me to take the reins in place of the clutches of apathy or hopelessness. We can no longer blame sullied politics or the stark economy. We are part of this society, of this country we call home. In fact, we live in it. Why not be in control, do our bit in the way it is shaped? Each Filipino must realize this, his/her great power to create change and transform the nation. It is not just in one, it is in all.

3. True change ensues from the inside out. The way you live your life has an extraordinary bearing on the your world outside. Change has to be permeate your each thought, feeling and action. It begins with you, with us, and then the nation. I was once discouraged by the thought of little: my little steps; my little deed; and my little handiwork on the big world. I behold all these monumental ideas changing the world, people larger than life, making their giant imprints on history. And my trifling endeavor is seemingly, a tiny drop of water falling to obscurity on the lake. And yet, it was Nicky who taught me about ripples. My tiny drop can create ripples, and the lake is never the same again. Butterflies too. I first heard it from him, “The Butterfly Effect.” One insignificant flap of a tiny (and faraway) butterfly’s wing creates changes in the air that could ultimately change the course of weather forever.

I feel not just compelled but empowered to do my work in shaping the country. And I know this is the same for everyone. We are all urgently searching for meaning in our lives. I not only see or hear it, I can feel, even smell and taste it. The time is ripe and we want to chart our own new future. As a friend said: “You can’t save the world in one day. But, you can do it, a little at a time.”

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