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Political Ramblings and Hope on Nicanor Perlas by Dani Conejar

I am not so romantic to believe on individual inner change or on the power of prayer as exhorted by many religious leaders and moralists or confident enough that change in any form or system of government will do the trick either. This is actually a classic case of which should come first, the chicken or the egg? First, we have enough prayers, I believe so as a religious nation, but Imelda and GMA seem to continue enjoying their privileges while the poor continue to wallow in poverty. Second maybe the system of government is so tied up to greed and perpetuation of self-interest that it is impossible for anybody within the system to effect change. Or those who have been in the “snake pit” soon realized there is no way out except by becoming a snake yourself.

Another quarter trumpeted the value of education as an opportunity to raise our level of judgment and ethical standards. But it turned out, it is mostly an opportunity to escape the country’s woe for greener pasture and repatriate only afterwards to bask on pension. And who are those at the service of our government? These are the people who are highly educated in the most prestigious schools in the country and abroad.

I really used to argue that the only way to overhaul the Philippine politics is to resort to a peaceful or armed revolution. A revolution that is tantamount to a nationwide civil disobedience that is prepared for – in case – a bloody confrontation to demonstrate commitment to a cause. If it succeeds, the government will be completely purged wherein all posts will be filled up with new set of qualified individuals with tract records and commitment for genuine reform. However, an enlightened citizenry and a charismatic leader are the key ingredients in order for the revolution to succeed. I believe the two ingredients are present but they are not put into the same boiling pot to arrive at a potent force. Or maybe we just lack a catalyst that could blend the two.

Let us examine if we really have the ingredients or not. During the recent indignation rally against Charter change, however small the number of angry people on the street we are very much convinced that there are more Filipinos against it. Where is the majority? There are many who have expressed their opposition through digital means on the internet. But I believe most simply could not walk along and stand beside, worst, stare at the politicians on the stage delivering their convenient stance on the issue for political interest. They only hide the similarity of their color underneath their skin.

The means of expression vary and there is hope for a united action based on the existing phenomena.

Another phenomenon worth examining is the power of texting. Communication providers in the country earn millions daily and billions monthly from their subscribers! This is unbelievable, if not preposterous, knowing the true condition of our people. Our lifestyle indeed denies our being poor. Recently our country is being dubbed as the text capital of the world. It is said that any new communication and portable media gadget is always launched first or next in the country to determine its appeal to the customers. No wonder, we see Filipinos in all walks of life strutting expensive cell phones from time to time. We cannot seem to let go a new product without owning one. Have we ever reached an idea that if we have saved “piso-piso” in one saving account daily, how much could we generate in a month, in a year, to spend for a more worthy cause? Obama did not avail of the presidential campaign fund appropriated by the US government for both presidential candidates because he had enough fund generated by his supporters, each contributing a dollar, especially the youth. Can we do the same to fund a presidential candidate whom we find most worthy?

Now if we have the fund, do we have a candidate? The next presidential election is exciting, not that we have choices for the aspiring traditional and recycled candidates, but it is more of knowing how much money will each shower to voters in order to win or cheat or silence each other to obtain the greatest advantage. We have already the clout of illegitimacy in the government which logically means any decision that emanates from it is also illegitimate. The electoral process without a worthy candidate is a farcical exercise of one’s right, democracy and liberty. It can never be justified for the lesser evil. This is because we are not running out of worthy candidates who only need our support to come out and courageously face the adversaries.

Last night, Nicolas Perlas announced his candidacy for the presidency with humility and sense of responsibility but without much media ops. I believe in the man. His qualifications and tract record merit his candidacy I think no other presidentiables could match. I have enough confidence in the man and I believe he is our intelligent and mature choice. He maybe lacking in resources and machinery but these can be addressed by the majority who can unify their act together for his support. We can be part of his campaign by logging in to his website or contact him directly though his email (npperlas@gmail.com) or come up with our own ingenious initiatives.

The power of the voter is not based on his right to vote but on his right to choose a worthy candidate. Supporting Perlas in his bid is the tallest order, but I could feel the revolutionary blood oozing again in my veins, prodding me to action and more sacrifices. I believe his coming-out-to-the-open will encourage others of his kind to complement his line-up or prop up his campaign. As election nears, his machinery will start to shape and we could expect more creative means to bolster his chances.

The Americans are already riding the “audacity of hope”, the British initiating “a very British revolution” and India laying out the blueprint for a “Bing-Bang revolution”. We maybe a developing or underdeveloped nation but we can still regain our part in history this coming election as we had in the EDSA revolution.

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