chiz escudero’s double standard, hypocrisy or self-serving politics?

we have admired escudero for two things  – he seemed to be a very principled man and he has a way with the Filipino language. we at times fall asleep before he finishes his elegant filipino, but we still enjoy hearing him, at least on the parts we manage to hear when we manage to be awake.

this one we read at PDI. so this one we got the whole picture and we understand it well. well okay, we are still confused.

senator francis escudero

senator francis escudero

here is where we are confused — escudero says he will not partner with manny villar because of the C-5 road corruption charge on villar. that tells us he does not like to associate with the corrupt and the criminal.

in the same news article, he says he does not mind partnering with erap estrada. and that is what confuses us. estrada is a convicted criminal. estrada was judged a plunderer of government money by the courts. he is only free because president gloria macapagal arroyo gave him a presidential pardon for his crimes. the pardon does not change the fact that the philippine courts did convict erap of a crime.

why then is escudero telling us he is principled and will not partner with  the corrupt that he will not join with villar while he says he will partner with erap who is in fact a convicted of a crime, that of corruption?

villar’s case is still being debated in the senate and has had no court judgement to it while it has gone to trial for erap and in fact convicted for the crime – what is it, then? double standard, hypocrisy or self-serving politics?

Escudero: Yes to team-up with Estrada 
By Orlando Dinoy
Inquirer Mindanao
First Posted 15:07:00 09/09/2009

DIGOS CITY, Davao Del Sur — Senator Francis Escudero on Tuesday said he would be open to teaming up with former President Joseph Estrada for the 2010 elections but not to a tandem with Senator Manny Villar in 2010.

Escudero, who was guest of honor during the city’s 9th founding anniversary, however, clarified that he was not making any formal announcement about his intentions for higher office before his 40th birthday.

“When I reach 40, my decision will be made known,” he told reporters here in Filipino.

But if ever he made up his mind, Escudero said there was zero probability of him teaming up with Villar due to the C-5 double funding controversy the former Senate president was embroiled in.

Escudero declared his commitment to good governance and added he would not tarnish such a pledge by associating with Villar whose involvement in the anomaly has become clear.

“Based on the evidence I saw, based on the (pieces of) evidence presented to the Senate in connection with the C-5 controversy, the case against him is strong,” he said.

Escudero said his conscience would not allow him to team up with Villar.

He said he would rather run with former president Joseph Estrada, who supported his candidacy for the Senate in 2007.

Estrada was convicted of plunder in September 2007 and he accepted a grant of pardon from President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo a month later that freed him from a 20-year prison term.

But for Escudero, “Anuman ang hugis, anuman ang hitsura, ano man ang porma ang importante magkasama sana kami (Whatever the shape, look, and form of the team-up, what would be important is we are together),” Escudero said.

read in full here:

  1. Arquenevis
    September 9, 2009 at 11:35 pm

    Don’t forget. This is the same man who blamed Arroyo for the deteriorating standard of mathematics in his SONA spoof video – SANA.

    That man also said that Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus should be removed from the curriculum to save money:–_Escudero

    Escudero also suggested a revision of public schools’ curriculum that would reduce the number of regular subjects taught to students – from the current eight to 11, to six – as one way to reduce the classroom shortage.

    Essential subjects, he said, would include Languages, including English and Filipino, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies or History, Computer and Good Manners and Right Conduct.

    Subjects like trigonometry, calculus, geometry, and algebra, should be taught only in college or as high school electives since these are not relevant to the everyday life of Filipinos, he said.

    “If by any chance they are able to reduce the curriculum by half, we would effectively double the number of classrooms in a day and overnight, because we can now use the classroom twice over instead of simply being used once, given the overburden curriculum that our children have,” he said.

  2. ConcernedOFW
    September 11, 2009 at 9:36 am

    Was estrada ever convicted? just asking. 😀 thanks.

  3. daniel maliksi
    September 11, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    yes estrada was convicted by the courts. he should have stayed in jail has arroyo not given him a presidential pardon.

    what has gotten to escudero?

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