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is the LAKAS-KAMPI process for choosing their standard bearer all a sham? was bayani fernando a victim of a set-up?

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our sympathies go out to bayani fernando – we think he has been set up and was very unfairly treated by his party, LAKAS-KAMPI.

  • fernando has been treated very badly by the higher ups of the LAKAS-KAMPI party hierarchy even from the beginning. i remember months ago, high officials of the party would hurl insults and make negative comments on fernando, things like he should not bother with his presidential bid and that he should not even try at all.
  • of the three contenders, it was only fernando whom president arroyo has not praised. noli de castro was the “anointed one” with arroyo saying he will make a good president and news reports being released where it was said malacanang was actively convincing de castro to be the standard bearer. later on, malacanang and arroyo specifically  expressed being “elated” when the governors endorsed teodoro’s candidacy. no such accolades or even positive comments were ever made for fernando, only negative comments.
  • the process of selection for standard bearer we think was no process at all.
  • fernando was even snubbed when he proposed a fair selection process should be made.
  • fernando has been a long time supporter of arroyo and yet he was treated badly while teodoro, a newcomer to the party and national government was treated much better.

we think fernando has been set up by the LAKAS-KAMPI. he was used by his political party to give the selection process some credibility of a real process. we think it has been predetermined that teodoro will be chosen.

in fact we think everyone knew that teodoro will be chosen as the standard bearer even before the meeting was started. the process of question and answer then closed door voting is just for show.

everybody seemed to know that, perhaps except by fernando. noli de castro seemed to know about it, too. we say that as de castro very smartly was non-committal to the ruling party and in fact never said he will be the standard bearer of LAKAS-KAMPI. he also did not bother to attend the “selection process”. we suppose he knew that being present in the selection process gave it some kind of legitimacy.

for us and this is very simple logic, we think fernando was set up, that the LAKAS-KAMPI knew even before the meeting started that teodoro will be chosen was this – the fact that gilbert teodoro conducted a meeting at Quezon City Sports Club in the same afternoon that he was chosen.

the Quezon City Sports ballroom was full of people – wall to wall. that meeting and speech was planned in advance. you need to have at least 3 days to reserve for the ballroom. in fact in other clubs, you need a few weeks in advance to make the reservation.

more importantly, you need to send out invitations to the people who will attend the meeting in advance, at least 7 days before. teodoro in part spoke in ilocano, that meant a good number of the audience must have come from his province. that means they needed to travel by land to metro manila which could have started in the morning while the executive committee was still “selection”.

also, the staff of quezon city sports must have started to prepare the ballroom in the morning, at least before lunch while the “selection process” was being conducted. they needed to rent chairs, set up the stage and arrange the chairs inside the ballroom.

the selection process started in the morning and ended mid afternoon. it is impossible to be able to get a ballroom, get it ready  and get a good number of people to attend the event, specially those coming from the provinces to magically appear at quezon city sports club in such a super speed. the only explanation for such a miracle is that they knew teodoro will be chosen many days before the event.

which leads us to the next question – why was fernando so clueless? if he was not clueless, why did he allow himself to be used by LAKAS-KAMPI?


  1. September 25, 2009 at 1:30 pm

    Kaya nila napili si Gilbert Teodoro is because… panghatak sa ladies… well, me itsura naman siya :-p

  1. September 19, 2009 at 10:52 pm

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