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it is noynoy-mar in 2010 – the timing of the announcement is impecable. excellent marketing 101!

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they will announce it tomorrow – it will be noynoy aquino for president and mar roxas for vice president. we have known about that of course for a sometime already. we were just waiting for the formal announcement.

the timing of the announcement is impeccable. gilbert teodoro, the ruling party standard bearer of LAKAS-KAMPI was declared this week. tomorrow’s announcement of the aquino-roxas will take the thunder out from the teodoro announcement. teodoro has been in the headlines in the past days. tomorrow’s aquino-roxas announcement will remove teodoro out of the headlines and bring noynoy back.

roxas can become a great partner to aquino. roxas’ announcement of withdrawing his bid for the presidency in favor of noynoy was a stroke of genius that revived roxas. he became the darling among the presidentiables when he did that. it was a sacrifice appreciated and admired by many.

roxas has been one of the most vocal among the presidentiables. he was sure he was running for it from the very beginning. his withdrawal citing sacrifice as the reason reversed  roxas’ “senator putang ina” image that we think killed him.

this development will only enliven and heighten the interest in the coming election.

read PDI story here: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/nation/view/20090919-226019/Its-Noynoy-Mar-for-2010

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