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gilbert teodoro so very much wants arroyo’s kiss of death! mwah! mwah! mwah!

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gilbert teodoro declares boldly – he is closely aligned with president arroyo and will in fact use the economic achievements of of arroyo’s administration as part of his platform.

Instead of shying away from Ms Arroyo’s shadow, Teodoro said he would make use of the achievements of her administration in pushing his platform of governance. (source: http://tinyurl.com/lc5h62)

the other statement and this is even more bold is that he does not thinkarroyo's kiss of death arroyo’s support is a kiss of death for his presidential aspirations.

“There will come a point when the public will already get to brush off this ‘kiss of death’ thing. It’s a politically expedient tactic right now. The more important thing is what you want to do for the country in the future,” he added. (source: http://tinyurl.com/lc5h62)

we congratulate teodoro for his bravado and courage but it looks like he is in denial. that or he was hiding under a rock in the last national senatorial election.

arroyo went out to campaign for the admin senators. the malacanang media machine was on hyper drive hyping the arroyo administration’s achievements in the economy. but it did not matter in that election, most of the opposition candidates won while most of the admin/ruling senators lost.

arroyo’s performance and trust ratings were on the negative at that time and the people chose not to believe what malacanang was saying about the economic gains. the people themselves knew where the economy was – they were still hungry if not hungrier and the their wealth has not increased. it either decreased or remained the same.

the people’s disfavor towards admin senatorial candidates was so great that it did not matter that the pichay who spent the most money in advertising among all the candidates did not win the election while trillanes, an opposition senator who was in jail during the campaign period, did not have money and had little advertising won in the election with margin to spare.

trillanes’ call to fame was nothing more than his failed attempt by the military to unseat arroyo. it showed being against arroyo and in his case in a most emphatic and dramatic way was enough to get elected to the senate.

pichay on the other hand was one of the most closely associated with arroyo and that overturned the mega pesos he spent in political ads.

these are bold statements from teodoro, hoping against hope, but come to think of it what choice does he have?

PDI SEPT 22 wawam kiss of death

he did give up his party affiliation with NPC and joined the ruling party LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD for this election. he obviously has no choice as otherwise he will not be able to use the supposed political machinery that the ruling administration has.

teodoro is fighting a very hard fight. not only is he against opposition presidentiables who are much ahead in the polls, he is also fighting the ghosts and demons present in his ruling party and arroyo, the one with the kiss of death.

  1. kit
    May 12, 2010 at 11:31 am

    it is very unfortunate that teodoro is definitely one of the most abled to lead the country, but his close association with the administration is a baggage so hard for him to carry. add to this, the wholesale butterfly act of the siguristas who will in unison sing whatever notes their master will asked them to sing during the happy days , yet in the crucial moments, jump at every possible chance
    when the ship is sinking full of holes and have no gas anymore….. definitely, he should be the one to lead the country but this baggages he bear in his back is so great that makes uphill battle impossible. i admire teodoro, may he be again of service to the country. i would prefer him to be a senator or congressman so he can rebuild his image and chances for the next higher office .. definitely, it is akiss of death. similar to some people i know on the other candidate. a week before the election, i know of families who will debate anyone to defend their caniddate. however, when one of his controversial supporter got into another controversy just days before the election, some of them changes their mind and opted to go yellow… which other people said in a usual inuman sa kanto that the action was somehow contributed to the dismay… i wouldn;t say it is a kiss of death for this other candidate but somehow, the act which is contrary to human values of humility turn them off..

  1. September 22, 2009 at 8:04 am

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