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Nicanor “Nick” Perlas and PANGMASA Platform: Jobs and the Economy

NP_LogoPastelTYStarting today we will unveil policies and programs that will ground the six priority thrusts of the Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan (PANGMASA) in the life of the nation and which will also be the thrusts of the presidency of Nicanor “Nick” Perlas.

Provide meaningful self and/or work employment for the economically poor as outlined in the various policies and programs that follow below.

Increases government resources for the sustainable modernization of agriculture and fisheries and place priority on agricultural policies and programs that will eradicate poverty.

  • Accelerate the passage of a comprehensive land use for the country.
  • Speed up the implementation of the Agrarian Reform Program on private lands.
  • Provide, on a priority basis, agriculture-related support services to Agrarian Reform Communities including, but not limited to, new technologies, roads, credit, post-harvest facilities, and access to broadband Internet services.
  • Irrigate all rice lands using both large-scale irrigation infrastructure and artesian wells for small farms.
  • Provide branding, packaging, and marketing services to farmers and fisherfolks to enhance their market penetration.
  • Remove local monopolies and oligopolies that suppress the prices of farm and fishery products and which extract usurious lending rates from the poor.
  • Design, together with microfinance NGOs and banks, an agriculture-oriented micro-finance program that would receive the appropriate financial, technical, and guarantee support from the government.
  • Move towards strategic micro-finance where individual micro enterprises (in both rural and urban areas) are interlinked vertically and horizontally into new enterprise networks of larger value added on the basis of mutual solidarity and benefit.
  • Build upon existing micro-finance initiatives and set up new micro or small industries based on strategic partnerships between academic institutions (which have pro-poor mature technologies that harness local resources), socially responsible businesses (which have the capability to move mature technologies from the lab to the market place), government institutions (which can provide the necessary supportive policies and incentives) and NGOs (which can ensure the social and ecologically acceptability of the new micro-industries).
  • Implement special adult education programs for the rural and urban poor that would improve their knowledge, creativity, planning, and entrepreneurial and management skills.

Create macro-economic conditions conducive to the appropriate broad-based and inclusive growth and development of the Philippine economy.

  • Renegotiate Philippine commitments in the World Trade Organization and other regional and global trade venues that are anti-poor.
  • Put in place the necessary physical, institutional, and social infrastructure that would encourage both domestic and foreign investment in the country. (See policies and programs below.)
  • Remove distortions arising from market failures including learning, information, and coordination externalities.
  • Diversify the manufacturing and industrial base of the economy by encouraging the entry of new kinds of businesses using innovative technologies that would increase the value-added of enterprises as well as utilize the vast untapped local resources of the country. (See related discussion above on strategic micro-finance and strategic partnerships for new micro and small industries.)
  • Implement new approaches to strategic industry diversification and support including: a) provision of public support and incentives only for specific projects, not entire industrial sectors; b) identification of projects that are new not only to the domestic economy and/or new in terms of technological process used; c) assurance that these specific projects enhance local research and development as well as lead to actual productivity enhancement; and d) stipulation that the government support provided will have a termination period and will not be abused.
  • Ensure that the government implementers of this new industrial policy will be not be corrupted and that outside stakeholders, including appropriate civil society partners, are involved in the monitoring and assessment of the implementation of these new industrial policies.
  • Set up a national multi-department task force for identifying, assessing, incubating, and mainstreaming promising Philippine-based technological breakthroughs that would enhance the total factor productivity of the economy.
  • Improve the access of small and medium enterprises to low cost credit and guarantees.


  1. shirley reyes
    September 24, 2009 at 7:51 am

    isa pa tong si perlas – nobody talks about him. and he has been getting zero in the surveys. its hopeless!

  2. September 24, 2009 at 9:41 am

    If we say it is hopeless and we elect candidates with no clear plan for the country does that also mean that we should shut up and not complain on what kind of president and country we are getting?

    Shouldn’t we rally behind someone who has both the track record, the capacity and the plans to make our country better?

    I am for Perlas because I believe in him and I hope that you will find time to read about him and about what he and PANGMASA offers for our country.


  3. shirley reyes
    September 24, 2009 at 11:23 am

    here is a practical way of looking at it: perlas’s platform is not unique, he is saying things other presidentiables are saying.

    why would i then give perlas my vote when he is sure to lose because he does not get any attention from anyone and he is not making an impact. my vote will be put to better use if i give it to a candidate who has a better chance of winning and will do the same things perlas is promising to do.

    that also applies to villanueva.

    by the way, whay are villanueva and perlas getting so much space in this blog?

  4. September 24, 2009 at 1:09 pm

    Supporters of candidates are invited to contribute in this blog and we are happy to contribute because we know that the candidate is really the choice in 2010.

    Please do read the platforms because it is unique and he can actually make it happen. he is the only one that is advocating societal three folding approach and real participatory governance.

    Masasayang lang ang boto kung hindi tayo boboto sa krapat-dapat. May karapatan ka sa iyong opinyon at ganun din ang iba… let us give everyone a chance.

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