erap estrada declares candidacy for president

Preidentiable Erap Estrada & Vice-Presidentiable Jejomar Binay

Preidentiable Erap Estrada & Vice-Presidentiable Jejomar Binay

tonight in tondo, his birthplace, erap estrada formally announced what we already know – he will run for president. with him is makati mayor jejomar binay who will run for vice-president.

he made an hour long speech. i looked if he was reading off a teleprompter, i could not see very well. he made a relatively good speech. i will be impressed much if there was no teleprompter. he made sense most of the time, in some parts i was not sure what he meant.

he made a few mistakes in some parts. there was this part here he went through the SWS survey on hunger twice. it looked like he may have forgotten he had already mentioned it. he memorized his speech and his way of getting back on track was to repeat chunks of it.

we think arroyo will have quite a difficult time when erap starts to give speeches to the voters. in this speech, erap spent a lot of time talking about the injustice he suffered under arroyo and how arroyo’s administration has done badly on the economy and the country. the passion and richness of his anti-arroyo speech makes you think arroyo herself is running for president.

erap mentioned he is also doing this for his best friend fernando poe jr. who ran against arroyo and everyone suspects, even this guy named Garci, was cheated in the election by a margin of 1 million votes.

erap seems to be a man with a mission. and that mission will hit straight at arroyo.

we wish erap-jejomar all the luck in their quest.

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