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will chiz escudero be orphaned? is his presidential bid dead in the water?

aside from being irritated no end to drama queen loren legarda being wishy-washy on her 2010 plans and her telenovela dramatics on running for higher office, the other part that has caught us is this — will chiz escudero end up being orphaned and without a political party when he runs for president? or is he?

for the longest time, we knew escudero will run for president. he had not said it directly but for many months, decades even, escudero acted and spoke like a presidential candidate. escudero was into it very early just like mar roxas was.

when asked for a direct confirmation if he will run for president, he always answered he needed to wait for his 40th birthday. for drama, something that he has inherited from loren legarda, he has said he will make important announcements on his birthday when he turns 40. the legal age for a filipino citizen to run for president is 40. days before his birthday, he had scheduled a press conference on his birthday. his birthday came and went and no announcement.

the excuse he gave for not making an announcement was that politics should not be the topic in deference to the suffering and rehabilitation many filipinos were going through because of ondoy and peping. that is also something he inherited from loren legarda.

loren legarda has made several announcements – first, she will run  for “higher office”, then just a few days ago, for vice president. she did that without any mention of escudero, he was also not there when she made the announcement.

now we have this news that danding cojuangco, the founder of NPC, the political party that escudero and legarda belong to, is not inclined to support the candidacy of escudero.

we are bothered by the increasingly hyper coverage on legarda’s candidacy for VP and the decreasingly absence of real news on escudero. we find it strange that the VP seem to be getting more press and news than the Pres. it does not help that legarda seem to be surrounded by vultures with practically all the presidentiables courting her to be their VP, well that is according to the drama queen loren legarda.

well ok, there is drama here but we think it is on what escudero will do or better yet what the NPC will do to escudero.

someone needs to write this up into a telenovela!


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