the marketing strategy called “manny villar & willie revillame”

when this first started, pundits floated the idea that it will be villar-revillame tandem in the 2010 elections. revillame was holding concerts sponsored by villar in a few cities. through all that, revillame and villar were saying no such thing, it is just they are “friends” and would just like to do things together.

in the last few days, talk has surfaced that it might me manny villar and drama queen loren legarda. and just in the last two days, villar has said he already has a VP running mate and will announce it soon.

nobody knows who this partner is, it could very well be willie revillame or drama queen loren legarda.

whatever it is that villar has decided on, we think partnering with revillame is a very good marketing strategy for villar. revillame is one of the more popular tv hosts in the country (the others being kris aquino and vic sotto). his wowowee tv show for real or imagined has strong appeal among the masses. the tv show has a live audience from the masses and they participate in easy to win contests with many from the live and tv audience mistakenly think the money revillame gives away during the show comes from him. of course the money he gives away in the show are not his, they come from the sponsors but for some reason people think it comes from him.

that is where the appeal of revillame lie. revillame has done a few stupid things on live tv, the latest of which was the disrespect he had shown during the burial of cory aquino (read more here: he got suspended for a couple of months for that and a storm of controversy.

why did villar continue to ally with revillame then? we think the deal to use revillame as part of the villar campaign must have been signed and completed before the disrespect on cory. they just waited for things to die down behind the controversy. when things settled, the villar campaign started using revillame.

it is an interesting marketing strategy – the use of a celebrity not just as an endorser in a tv ad but as endorser during events, a new form of event marketing. we are used to seeing celebrities guest or perform  during political rallies to pull the crowd in, this is the first time we see a celebrity as the center of the event and with the politician as a guest.

the idea is to associate the candidate with the celebrity and not just in the sense of the usual endorsement but for the celebrity to do what he is known for during the event.

it is a very expensive marketing activity. for sure revillame’s talent fee will run in the millions. i would think there are two sets of contracts signed with revillame – one that commits revillame to endorse villar and the other a fee per performance, a different fee if within metro manila and a much higher one when out of town. aside from the high talent fee of revillame, there will be fees for the production staff, other performers and other production cost, equipment and venue.

but this is manny villar. he can afford it. will it work?

Villar on ‘Wowowee’ gives away 6 houses, lots to OFWs

 By Michael Lim Ubac
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:41:00 10/25/2009

MANILA, Philippines – Senator Manuel Villar turned up yesterday on ABS-CBN’s noontime show “Wowowee” hosted by Willie Revillame and gave away houses and lots to six overseas Filipino workers.

He handed symbolic house keys and land titles to Sarah Felecio of Negros Occidental, Marnelli Recabar of Iloilo, Rosemarie Jaca of Romblon, Judith Vicente representing Hazel Vicente also of Romblon, Jennifer Sonbise representing Joanne Sonbise of Parañaque and Jolinald Chan representing Jenny Chan of Manila.

read more here:

  1. October 27, 2009 at 2:26 pm

    This is TRADITIONAL POLITICS at its best… Akala ko totoo ang AD YUN PALA MALI! 🙂

  2. Alexander Kalaw
    October 28, 2009 at 2:48 pm

    Yeah, it’s quite an interesting strategy. Personally, I think there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s about leveling the playing field. Noy and Mar have been getting free media mileage courtesy of ABS-CBN and Kris Aquino. It’s also been obvious that Kris is actively working to get all the celebrity power she can get to help her big brother get elected. There’s a lot of free airtime right there — particularly when Kris manages to squeeze in the name of her brother (and the neverending “news” of Mar and Korina) or even allude to him on The Buzz. ABS-CBN has a deep debt of gratitude to our beloved Tita Cory as she was instrumental in returning the station to the Lopezes.

    Willie is one of a few showbiz people not taken in by the Kris influence. I hear that he is a loyal and true friend of Villar. Again, Villar is only rightfully leveling the playing field; he needs to close the publicity gap — and he uses his own money to do it. Nothing wrong with that in my book. When Villar does good, critics are only too quick to shoot him down, but Noy has been effectively branded as the savior of the Philippines even as this rich member of the Cojuangco clan solicits money from ordinary folk. Go figure. Hmmm.

  1. October 26, 2009 at 10:40 pm

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