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vote in the poll – the 3 presidentiables you will NOT VOTE and MUST NOT WIN the 2010 presidential election

we have set up the other side of presidentiables polls – the presidentiables you will NOT vote and the presidentiables who MUST NOT win the 2010 presidential election.

participate in the poll, click here: http://wawam.wordpress.com/2009/10/27/poll-the-presidentiables-we-must-not-vote-and-those-who-must-not-win-the-election/

we have either made up our minds or we are in the process of deciding which presidentiable we will vote in the 2010 elections.wawam after hours

on the other side of our brain, though, is a list of presidentiables who we know we will not vote, no matter what happens. in fact we have a list that we are convinced MUST NOT WIN the 2010 election. these are presidentiables that give us nightmares every time we think of the possibility they will win in the 2010 election. some describe the feeling that if a certain presidentiable wins, it will be time to move to a foreign country to migrate.

let us know who these presidentiables are who you think MUST NOT WIN THE 2010  ELECTION. you are allowed to vote 3 presidentiables. the program will not be allowed to cast your votes more than once.

  1. October 27, 2009 at 2:24 pm

    The question should plainly be or the title should be, “Presidentiables that MUST NOT WIN in the 2010 Elections.” The term “I WILL NOT VOTE” and “MUST NOT WIN” should not be clustered or joined because they denote different basis for answering.

    When you say YOU WILL NOT VOTE for that candidate it does not necessarily mean that you also say that the candidate MUST NOT WIN in the elections.

    For example I will not vote for Noynoy Aquino but I will definitely not include him in the list of those WHO MUST NOT WIN nor will I include Bro. Eddie Villanueva or Sen. Richard Gordon because there are certain qualities in them which makes them qualified and also worth winning.

    I suggest that this poll concentrate on WHO MUST NOT WIN since there is already a poll on WHO WILL YOU VOTE.


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