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questions on chiz escudero answered. he is orphaned, leaves his political party NPC. is his presidential run dead in the water?

the press meeting that is presently on going at club filipino is just about to end with now the question and answer portion.

we had  2  questions in our october 25 post in this blog  (click to read) —  will chiz escudero be orphaned? is his presidential bid dead in the water?.

the first question has been answered – he is now orphaned. on the second question, yes we think escudero’s run for the presidency is dead in the water.

the gist of it is that chiz escudero announced he is leaving the NPC, the political party that he is with since he start in politics and is now an independent.

he said this in very eloquent prose, talked about what is wrong or right about governance  but inspite all of that,  we are not sure if he is running for president or not. he has not said one way or the other if he will run for president or not. the only thing that is sure is that he has left the NPC. we need to wait some more. again!

without a political party for the machinery and without funds, not even eloquence in speaking in tagalog will solve those. without those, any political campaign is dead in the water.

this whole episode also i think in some ways marks escudero’s reputation. escudero has taken us on a wild ride on his presidential candidacy with an unpleasant after taste. this is particularly difficult for his supporters, most specially those in the internet world. among all the presidentiabbles escudero has used the internet most intensively and it is very much well oiled.  after all these months, twits, facebook, chat and email it has come to this. it must be tough to take for many of  his internet supporters.

this also opens up  a few more questions –

  • what will happen to loren legarda? she announced she is a VP candidate but no announcement under what party and with whom as her presidential partner
  • legarda may just go with villar who has announced he already has a VP
  • will NPC have a presidential candidate? or will it coalesce with others?
  • does this open up the possibility of escudero running for VP?
  • what about a miracle — erap is disqualified or he withdraws and chiz takes over as presidential candidate?
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