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the tough questions chiz escudero supporters should ask chiz: “iniwan mo ba kami sa kawayan”? escudero’s political suicide

we here this often now – “walang iwanan”. in an office we used to work before, the line we used was the complete thought – “iniwan sa kawayan!”. that expression uses the idea of the way pinoys  cook lechon where the pig is skewered through and through, with a long “kawayan” then left to slow cook on a bed of burning hot coal. the poor pig tied on both front and back hinds with a long bamboo passing through its body can do nothing but roast against the burning coal.

“iniwan mo ba kami sa kawayan?” is a question chiz escudero’s supporters must ask of chiz, not to mention something that chiz must explain to them.

as of this writing, we really do not know why chiz bolted his political party, NPC. many words have been said, most of it in eloquent tagalog from chiz but we really don’t know until now why he did what he did.

a double whammy, a second kawayan, to follow it through. is that till now escudero’s supporters do not know yet what are the actual plans of escudero. escudero has not declared anything yet.

if we interpret escudero’s elegant tagalog into plain and understandable tagalog, chiz quit the NPC based on principle, or specifically a difference in principles on governance. he kept mentioning the importance of being independent and without shackles for effective good governance.

the other reason mentioned is about money. chiz denies this but it has been mentioned by many. chiz says he lives a simple life and money has not been key for him. he forgets that what we meant was money not for his lifestyle but money for the presidential campaign. some say cojuancgo who set up NPC was willing to bankroll only a few hundred millions but what was needed was a few billion pesos.

in today’s newspaper, the son of cojuangco said the reason for the split was there was no agreement on some of escudero’s “radical positions on matters” (  http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/nation/view/20091101-233358/Escuderos-radical-positions-caused-split-with-NPCDanding-son).

it is a coin toss on what are the real reasons for now. we will need to wait for more elegant tagalog from chiz to know them.

in the meantime, these are the tough questions escudero’s supporters must ask chiz:

  • “iniwan mo ba kami sa kawayan?”
  • there is an english version – “were you just jerking us off?”. chiz made had this drama about holding off his official announcement on his presidential run till his 40th birthday. he had asked all his supporters, not to mention the rest of the filipino people to wait for that birthday of his. there were other postponements after that, each one he did not say he will quit the NPC but just to wait for certain dates for the announcement.
  • question — all of the above, the reasons we mentioned for bolting NPC, were they not thought off all this time? questions on principles, approach and funding are pretty basic questions. these are questions are asked at the very top of the list that any presidential makes when planning to run for president. they are so basic that i thought they should be on top of the agenda.
  • why were these not discussed years, months ago or any time  before his 40th birthday? or anytime BEFORE he was posturing on running for president.
  • when was the last time escudero talked to danding cojuangco? these topics were not discussed?
  • wasn’t escudero talking to the chair or president of NPC about these matters early on?

we are very surprised that topics of this sort has come up at this time when it is very close to the registration time for candidates.

while escudero did not officially announce it,  he was truly posturing that he will for president. he organized, the party organized people and groups. he went into public speaking engagements, he set up websites, he gave interviews – he was on the limelight. all that he did can only be interpreted by his supporters that he was going yo run for president and we assume that many supporters joined him because he was running for president.

what was all that then, only to announce a little over a month from candidate registration time that he is quiting the NPC. not only that, he has not declared what he intends to do.

so, hindi lang iniwan sa kawayan, ngayon bitin sa bubungan ang mga supporters ni escudero.

if escudero decides to do something in 2010, we wonder if his supporters will continue to support him?

  1. November 3, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    I think he will run. He informally said it to Inquirer.

    As for his ‘awakening’, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt…

    Malay natin, he wants to reinvent himself in order to gain politically, to make himself unique and different. He suddenly changed his colors (from yellow-blue to yellow-red), and although we may pass it off as reasoning that Noy-Mar own the colors already. Malay natin, gusto niyang maiba at kumuha ng ibang kapangkat…

    An advice to Chiz: better court the Makabayan Coalition. Tutal mejo extremist na ang Samahang Magdalo, careerin na niya.

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