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viewer reactions to noynoy aquino’s new tv ad “hindi ka nag-iisa” – goose bumps moment

at facebook, wawam had sent a message to members of various groups to give their reactions and comments to nonoy noynoy tv ad 3aquino’s new tv ad “hindi ka nag-iisa”.

(view the ad and read all the comments here: noynoy aquino’s “hindi ka nag-iisa” tv spot – historic ad for a historic presidentiable?)

we have a few comments and reactions  posted already and we think we are getting excellent reactions and comments on aquino’s new tv ad. we are posting here a sampling of these comments.

you may continue to post comments here or in the link provided, above.


Now Noynoy has entered traditional politics. This is the proof. He does not need this as early as now and he could have reserve this for the campaign.

With another looming possible alliance between NPC and Liberal Party and now this premature ad… can he still say that he advocates for new politics?

Let others be the judge.

I was deeply touched when I first saw it. I didn’t notice Noynoy at first although I saw his reflection somewhere. I thought it was a TV ad made like Michael Jackson’s “We are the World” for the sake of the typhoon victims. Or ABS=CBN kapamilya network ads for x’mas. But I got confused coz I saw Dingdong and Marian. But when I saw Noynoy again and realized that it was really him, I had goose bumps. I’ve never seen so many actors in one ad unless it’s the kapamilya ads for summer or x’mas. This is sure to be a winner.

We love you, Noynoy. We depend on you to make the change. Please don’t fail us.


Overall, the ad is very well produced. However, it would have been better if
-the song, though meaningful and well executed, was a bit shorter;
-the third stanza of the song might have sounded better if written “Magkakapit bisig,tayo…ituloy natin laban ni Cory at Ninoy” instead “Ninoy at Cory”,
-big stars were grouped together in one scene shot, not singular ones, resulting in a shorter video. This will also show that these stars really got together for a cause; too many separate scenes of the same action dilutes the message.
-Noynoy should smile less – he should portray a face of vigilance and determination. Too much smiling sometimes indicate weakness.

These are just my opinion – not meant to offend.
I am for Noynoy!!!


travelers atlas:

I support Noynoy, but I didn’t like this ad. It looks more like a station ad rather than an ad for a candidate. It’s msg seemed to be more like “look how many celebrity endorsers I have” (that being said, the one thing that prob struck me in the ad was how they were able to make the ABS and GMA stars work together).

The song did make me feel kinda emotional, but in a cheesy sort of way. Been there, done that. Couldn’t it have been done in a different way? Ad agencies have creative departments – they sure didn’t deliver here.

The torches made me feel like I was watching an episode of Survivor, and they were on their way to tribal council.

I didn’t think a clear msg or call to action came out of the ad. Maybe it’s in the words of the song. But you don’t really get to remember the words of the song (unless you watch the ad hundreds of times or bother to look up the lyrics online). Maybe the lyrics of the song should have appeared at the bottom of the screen as the song was sung so the msg could have been appreciated more.



Makes me sick when politicians use celebrities for their campaign….they should all stop the nonsense

read all comments here: https://2010presidentiables.wordpress.com/2009/10/30/2999/#comment-2357

  1. November 10, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    Noynoy could have been a good candidate but this is not yet his time as he personally is not prepared. The people likes him but the question is, is he prepared? His handlers are using traditional politics and wants to ride on his popularity to achieve their own ends.

    Noynoy might have the full intention to serve the country but he should have conviction and should have his own stands and a strong platform.

    This ad lacks substance and as I said before sana hindi na lang inilabas.

  2. Sheryl C.
    November 30, 2009 at 11:48 pm

    I think the message of the ad is clear and powerful. It says that Noynoy Aquino is the torch-bearer, the one to continue his parents’ fight. But the more important message as seen by all the people bearing torches is that we all are the torch-bearers. We all are responsbible for continuing the fight. I support a leader who does not claim to be a savior but who inspires people to dream and to believe that the dream is achievable.

  3. December 1, 2009 at 2:45 am

    That is why I am supporting Nicanor Perlas because he exactly says that everyone of us is the solution. Inspiration is good but we also need proper direction.

  4. Jeco
    January 13, 2010 at 3:07 am

    Nothing against Noynoy but this ad is more of a good example of beautifying a campaign. All the people in the add are glamorous, beautiful or nice to watch at the least. A good marriage of showbiz and politics which may more or less be the outcome of the cabinet should Noynoy win. Noynoy is in his in the umbrella of his mom’s skirt and under the shadows of his dad. He pales in comparison to both of them as he doesnt even have a good platform that vividly states his stand and his long term political and economic growth. Hadnt his mom passed away i dont think we would be running. Noynoy i think is more emotionally charged when he was convinced by Roxas to run since roxas knows he is not winnable.

    Legacy is what Noynoy counts on bec of his political roots, but truth of the fact is, do ou think any prosperous thing would happen with Noynoy’s leadership in the next 6 years? He couldnt even manage Hacienda Luisita on his own to this date.

  5. janet
    January 29, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    We need change! We need a strong Leader to lead this nation like Bro. Eddie Villanueva. We should not allow any candidate who are just beholden only to some selected people around him. Now, let us work our way up to the ladder of good governance, righteousness, a man whom we can trust, has the integrity and do not yield to the whims and whisper of those around him. My beloved countrymen, this is the trying moments of our life,do we want to go back again to thesame old story or to the changes that awaits all of us for the transformation of a new Philippines. God loves the Philippines.

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