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arroyo quits as LAKAS-Kampi chair – will arroyo’s “kiss of death” on gilbert teodoro disappear with it?

no, we do not think so. but that is what they want to achieve here – arroyo will resign as LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD chair to get some trappings of independence for teodoro to remove arroyo’s “kiss of death” on gilbert teodoro’s presidential run.

most of the admin senatorial candidates lost in the last election mainly on the basis of the strong association of these candidates with arroyo. most of the opposition in that election won even senator trillanes who was in jail on coup d’etat charges, trillanes was unable to campaign and had penny advertising funds but he won the senate seat just on the basis of his attempt to unseat arroyo from power.

teodoro is presently down in the dumps in the survey, with a measly 4% while the dominant front runner, noynoy aquino is at 60%. teodoro’s poor performance is seen by many as due to arroyo’s kiss of death, among other reasons. arroyo is the most unpopular president of the country and suffer with no trust among the population.

arroyo giving up chair in favor of teodoro is nothing but a cosmetic application. it is already too late, people already associate teodoro with arroyo. and besides, there is really no escaping it.

we expect more spin from malacanang on this matter and most specially those coming from the teodoro campaign to drum up the idea of independence and the cutting of ties from arroyo. how will they do it? and will it work?

Arroyo to quit as Lakas-Kampi chair

abs-cbnNEWS.com | 11/07/2009 5:11 PM

Press Secretary Cerge Remonde said Mrs. Arroyo has “stated her desire” to turn over the party leadership to Teodoro. He said the President “wanted to pass the torch to the younger generation.”

Not quitting Lakas-Kampi

Secretary Gabby Claudio, Mrs. Arroyo’s adviser on political affairs, meanwhile, clarified that Mrs. Arroyo is not resigning from the ruling coalition party.

“President Arroyo is not quitting the administration party. She is merely turning over its chairmanship to Secretary Gibo Teodoro in keeping with the party tradition,” he said.

“Lakas-Kampi will remain President Arroyo’s party. She has been the moving spirit behind the merger of the Lakas-CMD and Kampi,” Claudio, the ruling party’s secretary-general, said in a statement.

He added that Mrs. Arroyo will maintain her influence over Lakas-Kampi members even after her term. He said the President continues to rally members of the party behind Teodoro’s presidential bid.


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