gilbert teodoro’s “we do not haves” – is the writing on the wall?

the writing on the wall started to appear very early for gilbert teodoro. his selection as standard bearer by the executive committee of his party LAKAS-KAMPI-CMMD was not greeted by applause and excitement by the general public. people almost fell asleep when they read the selection in the papers. they did give a collective reaction, they asked – “gilbert who?”, but that was just about it. that was not yet the writing on the wall, it was just a small footnote.

day after the announcement was made, the first few words of the writing appeared, no longer a footnote. aside from teodoro being  chosen, the news came with the selection of ronaldo puno as his VP running mate. the first writing that appeared one day after the announcement was – “we do not want puno as VP running mate of teodoro”. ouch.

this writing on the wall, the first one, became bigger as days and weeks went by. the party members wanted anyone except puno. governor vilma santos was the first name to be placed on that wall. then other names came up fast and quick – loren legarda, chiz escudero aand gwen garcia of cebu. but as quick as those names were written on the wall, the same people they wanted quickly wrote on the same wall – no, they do not want to be the VP running mate of teodoro.

at around that time, another set of writing started to appear – “do we really want gilbert teodoro as presidential candidate”?.

the biggest writing on the wall appeared in october when the SWS released its 3QTR presidentiables survey where teodoro was at the bottom while noynoy aquino was the dominant front runner at a phenomenal 60%. the fear and insecurity expressed earlier that teodoro was the wrong choice and destined to lose the election  became the predominant writing on the wall.

this cascaded down to the issue of finding a VP running mate for teodoro. the party members and their officers had changed the criteria for choosing one, to now they need to find a VP running mate who is popular enough to shore up the candidacy of teodoro. it is no longer to find a running mate with just good qualifications, it became specific someone who will help teodoro who they now recognize and verbalize as very weak and trending for a loss in the election.

ronaldo puno added a big exclamation point in this wall – he resigned from the ruling party all together  and said he no longer wants to be in politics. puno was a most enthusiastic VP wannabe in the their party, so all this came as a big surprise.

new names were written down, some with and some without star quality – loren legarda was still part of it, edu manzano, ace durano, bong revilla. then one by one, they wrote their reply on the wall – legarda will probably be with villar. ace durano said he was not interested and will probably run for senate. manzano will join the LP to be with noynoy aquino. ouch!

the lakas-kampi-CMD is scheduled to have a convention on november 19 and as of this writing they still do not have anyone who has actually agreed to be teodoro’s VP running mate.

aside from the VP running mates running away from teodoro, many of his partymates are running away from the party to join villar’s NP or aquino’s LP. the defections appear to be huge and this will certainly add to the mood and tone of their convention on november 19.

on the 19th, the LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD members might as well read these on the wall : “We do not have a viable presidential candidate, he is at the bottom of the polls. We do not have a VP yet. We do not have a  political party at all. We do not have a chance to win.”

With all of these “we do not haves”, we suspect the LAKAS-KAMPI-CMD convention will not be a happy and perky one.


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