Isang Tanong: GMA 7 Presidential Forum

So who gave the best answer and who will you trust with your vote?  Here’s the video capture of the first part of “Isang Tanong: The GMA News and Public Affairs Presidential Forum:

View the rest of the VIDEO HERE


view individual videos from this show here:

wawam comments:

thanks to shenbrood for posting this.

this is a good effort from GMA7 as it enables voters to compare the presidentiables.

i have problems with the way GMA7 did it:

  • i find the game show format, feel and tone very unsettling. sure it makes it livelier but i think it cheapens the whole thing. one of these men will be the president of the country and topics are quite important to a whole country, i feel the game show format and feel as disrespectful of the position one of the men will eventually take. 
  • the questions asked were also on the cheap side. the questions were of the tabloid variety. they were asked only because they were  controversial and placed the candidates in a tough and yes uncomfortable position but many of them have nothing to do with platform or real impact on the future of this country in terms the man who will occupy the  presidency.
  • mike enriquez was really a very bad choice to anchor the show. he was eay over the top. of course it matches the game show format and tone  but i have already said i have problems with the concept.  


now on the predientiables:

  • i thought the presidentiables who came out the best were bayani, villanueva and villar.
  • bayani was the best. he was confident, he answered the questions squarely and he gave very good answers. he may have come off as too stern, but he gave good answers.
  • villanueva showed his experience on stage very well. he had control of his answers and he looked good on tv. his answer had form and direction and was very constructed.
  • villar came out disarming. he parried the questions but it was not that obvious.
  • the worst of the lot for me were perlas and de los reyes.
  • perlas came out unsure with unnecessary words often said when he was searching for answers. you can see it in his eyes when he was unsure of his answer.
  • de los reyes fumbled on his answers. he didn’t make sense most of the time and he seemed to know he performed badly. some of the things he said only had half a thought in them.
  • all the others did just okay. 
  • aquino needs to slow down his answer. he had good answers but he was talking too fast that it was at times difficult to catch the point he was making.
  • erap handled his answers well. but you knew he was giving us BS.
  • teodoro came out well on tv. but his answers were not real answers. he even misunderstood the hero question. i’m wondering why he was so hang-up on the military.
  1. November 24, 2009 at 4:05 am

    Be Smart! Listen and Be the judge! You can watch the compiled Presidential Forum telecast at GMA’s Isang Tanong at this link


  2. VhiNz
    November 24, 2009 at 10:35 am

    Villanueva is the most qualified for president

  3. November 25, 2009 at 6:58 pm

    I totally agree with your comment with the Presidentiables. I didn’t know Villanueva is that good, full of wisdom and very eloquent. The show was really very informative and gave the viewers a glimpse of what kind of candidates we have for president.

  4. November 26, 2009 at 3:43 am

    I agree with your thoughts on the problem with the format because it seems the questions had not focused on things that would have really matter for our country.

    However, I would like to disagree on your observation. Yes, I am campaigning for Nick Perlas but the first question thrown at him was a way to discredit him at the very start. Divorce maybe a controversial issue but this is the least among his platform… his major platform includes povertu eradication, environment, social justice, participative governance, educational reform and promoting Filipino ingenuity and innovation.

    I think except for the first answer and question Perlas had made real sense. He is not to be compared for Legarda because Perlas was an environmentalist way before Legarda was. He had done things that outweighs the environmental of Legarda who focuses on planting trees. Perlas had helped stopped 12 nuclear plants from being built in the country, helped banned 32 harmful pesticide formulations, promoted organic and sustainable farming, had created a sustainable blueprint for the country which just needs implementation.

    Perlas understood the Millennium Development Goals and was in fact one of those that pushed this in the United Nations. He understand that in order for real change to happen the approach should be holistic and systemic that is why on the hero question he stressed that everyone of us can be heroes and if we want change we should rise up and become heroes.

    Perlas was not a politician therefore he still have some of the glitches of things but the fact is more than that he presents us a hope that does not make illusions that he is the savior of our country. He presents us with a vision of a future which we can build together as one united nation.

  5. blessedjhun
    November 27, 2009 at 6:58 am

    Bro. Eddie is the right man for President! oras na sa tunay na pagbabago!

  6. beng regalado
    November 27, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    Bro. Eddie Villanueva is undeniably the most qualified among the presidentiables. His platforms and advocacies for this nation must be given a chance for such a time as this. Not beholden to anybody, principled, God-fearing, full of wisdom, have the right/burning passion for country, all in one personality. By his words and principles I am fully convinced of his capacity to lead this country into total transformation. Totoo nga, MAY PAG ASA PA!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Shiela
    November 27, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    Can’t wait for the Part 2…i remember what Bro Eddie said “lalabas na ang mga weaknesses and strenght ng mga kakandidato para malaman ng mga tao”…lumalabas na po..very obvious who stand excellent during the part 1 and i heard about backing out ni Sen Noynoy sa part 2.

    Bro Eddie..the most qualified 🙂

  8. naz
    November 30, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    i agree…villanueva’s responses are improssive! HE HAS THE CHARACTER AND THE ABILITY TO LEAD THE NATION… more exposure pa at dapat makilala ng lahat si bro. eddie…i hope, filipinos are much wiser now in picking the next president…

  9. ismael renato
    December 1, 2009 at 4:15 pm

    I agree that the program format should have provided opportunity for the candidates to speak about their views on more substantial issues. What happened I think was that the presidentiables were place in a situation where their incapacities were exposed ( at least for some of them) and asked questions where they have to defend themselves. This is embarrassing. I think while in the process of scrutinizing their capacity to lead this country, we should treat them with utmost respect as they are the expectant leader of the land. Hwag naman natin silang ilagay sa kahihiyan. But I guess “patikim” pa lang ito as I hope that a series of forums will follow so the Filipino can get to know the presidentiables better.
    Nevertheless, I think the forum gave us a glance of the presidentiables. Villanueva is a standout among them. I can feel his conviction, his passion and he demonstrated wisdom. I want to hear more about his views on more narrow topics and strategic approaches to specific issues.

    On the other hand, I wish to emphatize with the youngest presidential when asked about his experience to run this country. Let us remember that this country has been under the management of so called experienced politicians who were elected to office over and over again. But look, where did these experienced people led us to. As I listen to their infomercials, I just cant help but cringe on my sit because their repeated promises only came to me as meaningless words. They should have executed those promises during their long years in office. I opined that politicians seeking reelections have already demonstrated their worth as public servants and many of them did not served well. Last time I was talking to young technical assistants in the senate, I was told that as young people, they voted in the senate with high expectations seemingly promising politicians the likes of chez escudero, pia cayetano and his brother?, mar roxas, and jamby madrigal, but accordingly these senators aside from expressing opposition to the administration offered no solutions to ease our problems. Now they are seeking reelection talking smart with their easy solutions to the problems of this country. Let us not be deceived. I remember Miriam Santiago saying that solution to problems is not “pluck out of mid air” (i.e. such as when politicians simply say “i will provide 1 million jobs”, provide free education to all” etc..). There should be a process to attaining such solutions. These I hope to hear from presidentiables in upcoming forums.

  10. ryca
    December 1, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    Ask ko lang po san makikita dito yung Isang Tanong: Part 2 nung kay Bro.Eddie?
    Thanks and God bless..

  11. aris
    December 2, 2009 at 9:44 am

    napanood ko ang isang tanong nung 1st at 2nd episode at nakita ko nag standout talaga c eddie villanueva sa kanyang mahuhusay at sinserong mga sagot. kailangan ntin ang katulad nya sa ating bansa lalo na sa ganitong kondisyon ng ating bansa laganap ang korapsyon at kaguluhan.

  12. GINA
    December 7, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    napanood ko ang ISANG TANONG sa GMA-7 at nakakapangilabot dahil sa mga sagot ni BRO.EDDIE tunay na ipapanganak ang BAGONG PILIPINAS sa kanyang pamamahala nararamdaman ang tunay na pagmamalasakit at pagmamahal sa BAYANG PILIPINO AT KAPAKANAN NG TAO MGA NG BAYAN AND IM PROUD NA MAY BRO.EDDIE!

  13. Nixson
    January 15, 2010 at 5:50 pm

    To Senator Manny Villar.

    Inyo pong isinusulong ang kampanya laban sa kahirapan. Ang pangunahing agenda ng inyong mga proyekto ay tungo sa pagkawala ng kahirapan sa ating bansa. Sa araw araw na pagbubukas ng aming telebisyon ay aking nakikita ang inyong commercial laban sa kahirapan NGUNIT ako ay labis na nagtataka kung bakit dahil sa sariling kapakanan ay nawalan ng tirahan ang mga kababaryo ko para lamang sa pagpapatayo ng inyong subdivision. Kami ay matahimik na namumuhay sa aming barrio ng aming biglang na mabalitaan ang inyong gagawin. AT ETO PA ANG MAS MASAKIT ang inyong aksama sa partido ay ang kilalang makalikasan na si Senator Loren Legarda, bakit ang pinagpatayuan ng inyong subdivision ay ang BUKIRIN NG MGA MAGSASAKA.
    1. Tinanggalan nyo ng trabaho ang aking mga kababayang magsasaka
    2. Tinanggalan nyo ng kabahayan ang aking libo libong kababaryo
    3. Mas lalo nyong pinahirap ang buhay ng aking mga kababayan
    4. Dinagdagan nyo ang posibilidad para sa CLIMATE CHANGE

    ganyan ba talga kayo? tinatapakan ang iba para gumanda ang reputasyon sa harapan ng iba.

  14. January 15, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    That is the irony of it all. I am in part a victim ng pangako ni Manny Villar at ng mga kasama niya. They pledge to help our project for mainstreaming sustainable development but they never fulfilled it.

    Ang tunay na pagbabago ay mangyayari lamang kung kasama tayong lahat at kung ang leader ay ibibigay sa mamamayan ang tunay na kapangyarihan not by fanaticism or false beliefs but by real action and sincere working with them.

    This is change that we should help to come true. TAYO ANG SOLUSYON at hindi ang mga pulitiko. KILOS NA BAYAN!

  15. aldean
    January 31, 2010 at 4:30 am

    I believe only Gordon and Fernando who can bring real change to this rotting country Philippines and none other! Their track record alone would speak for themselves! Go go Gordon & Bayani Fernando!

  16. kay
    February 8, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    Nakakatawang isipin na kinain ng buo ni Sen. Gordon ang tatlong iba pang kandidato ng pagkapangulo sa forum na ginanap sa La Salle University….nalantad ng husto sa madla ang kakayahan ng bawat isang kandidato at kung sino ang totoong may kakayahang panindigan ang sarili sa harap ng medya at lipunang magluluklok ng isa sa kanila sa pwesto bilang Pangulo ng Republika ng Pilipinas. Ang kani-kanilang mga tugon ay base sa sarili nilang pananaw at konsensya… mga tugon na hindi mapagtatakpan ng nagagandahang jingle, script at nagliliparang poster sa lansangan. Nakakaawang pakinggan ang mga kasagutan ni Sen. Villar na animo’y puro malilinis at magaganda sa pandinig ang ninais na bigkasin sa forum na iyon, mga tugon na kung lubusang uunawain ay tunay na walang malinaw na kahulugan. Tila totoo ang kumakalat na palabirong kasabihan laban kay Sen. Aquino “kung sipag at tyaga ang kay Villar, galing at talino kay Gibo…Mama at Papa ang kay Noynoy…”pinili ni Sen. Aquino na magmukang lubusang pormal ang pagtugon sa mga kasagutan… siya ang lihitimong halimbawa ng isang pulitiko base sa nakagawiang paraan ng pagtindig at pagsasalita na pagkatapos ng palabas..ang mga sinabi niya ang una mong makakalimutan at mawawala sa iyong ala-ala. Si Sec. Teodoro na tila namangha sa husay ng mga sagot ni Sen. Gordon ay tunay na iba ang dating sa masa..ang swabeng paraan ng pagsagot at intelehenteng anyo sa harap ng madla ay napakalaking factor para sa pagimpluwensya ng mga botante..ngunit sa forum na naganap…sa mga simple niyang tugon na pinilit pa nga na sagutin ang mga diretang ispiritu ng mga katangungan—sa huli isa sa siya sa mga napakagandang pakinggan na kandidato, ngunit sa forum, isa lang ang aking napatunayan, hindi pa siyang lubusang handa sa isinubong pwesto ng administrasyon sa kanya. Marami sana siyang magagawa ngunit hindi maiaalis sa tao ang pangamba na baka…sa tanikala ng administrasyon..ano nga ba ang kanyang magagawa?? Maituturing na matalinong pagpili nga ba ang pagboto kay Gibo? -Handa na nga ba si Gibo?? Hindi ako taga-hanga ni Dick Gordon.. hindi ko lubusang batid ang istorya ng kanyang buhay at kung anu na ba ang mga naiambag niya sa lipunan..ngunit bilang taga-panood ng isang forum… hindi ko maitatanggi na pinahanga niya ako sa kanyang mga kasagutan. Tunay na mababanaag sa kanyang mga tugon ang subok na serbisyo at tatag ng pagkatao…na binuno sa mahabang panahon. Sa kung paano mo ihaharap ang iyong sarili sa madla at kung paano mo sasagutin ang mga katanungang ipupukol sa iyo ay isang malaking basehan para sa mga taong umaasa na mapatutunayan mo ang iyong sarili di hamak na higit na totoo kaysa mga jinggle,poster at mga propaganda.

  17. jovito mailim
    April 8, 2013 at 12:09 am

    nakakatawa ang ibang senatoriables… ang sagot sa tanong DAPAT BA? o HINDI lang. Eh bakit may iba pa silang sagot? tulad ng depende, pag-aralan pa, etc, etc, etc!!! mga magiging senador pa naman sila he he he.

  18. jovito mailim
    April 8, 2013 at 12:14 am

    bakit ayw ni escu at ng iba pa na tangalin ang pork barrel?

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