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2010 vice-presidentibles poll closed

november 22, 2009; 10pm
mar roxas goes on a big time surge from last place to now 1st place with 29%. binay follows at 2nd with 26%, legarda is 3rd at 24% and manzano is last at 22%.

mar roxas

november 18, 2009; 8am
legard jumps to 1st place to tie binay with 28% behind the formal announcement that she is the NP VP bet together with villar. manzano is at 3rd with 25%, then roxas at 19%. the ratings are clustering close to each other.

november 16, 2009; 10 pm
binay goes on a big time surge, now front runner at 32%. legarda also surges to 2nd at 28% while manzano is close at 3rd with 27%. roxas who was the early front runner is now last at 13%.

november 14, 2009; 10am
on day 2 since opening the 2010 Vice-Presidentiables Poll, mar roxas, running mate of noynoy aquino of the Liberal Party takes a commanding lead of 43%. a far 2nd is binay at 29%. manzano and legarda follow and tied at 14%.

  • bayani fernando added december 1, 2009
  • poll started november 13, 2009
  • edu manzano added november 13
  • binay, legarda, roxas added october 25
  • ronaldo puno and francis pangilinan removed october 25
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  1. leah
    April 8, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    bayani ako!

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