is arroyo’s “kiss of death” killing gilbert teodoro’s campaign to death?

not that we did not know it, the latest SWS survey shows arroyo has the “kiss of death” with a large 79% of the voters saying they will not vote for the candidate that arroyo will endorse.

we knew of arroyo’s “kiss of death” during the last senatorial election where almost all  admin candidates  lost the election while almost all the opposition candidates won the senate seats. money and advertising did not matter – pichay, an admin candidate who spent the most money in ads lost the election while trillanes, an opposition candidate who led a coup against arroyo, was in jail during the election, had no money to spend won.

this is the first time we have research data that confirms arroyo’s “kiss of death”. the survey results is a monumental slap in the face of president arroyo and one hell of a worry for the teodoro campaign.

arroyo to the teodoro campaign is like a poison pill that is already halfway into the throat of the campaign – it’s too deep inside to remove it naturally. the teodoro campaign is too much into arroyo that parts of teodoro’s persona has morphed into arroyo.

they tried to separate it but they were all too tactical and really no more than a vain cosmetic attempt to separate arroyo from tedoro – arroyo transferred the chair to teodoro for the party, no photos appear in the papers with both of them together and arroyo did not raise teodoro’s hand during his proclamation which is tradition in philippine politics as must as a ham is during noche buena.

(read mote posts on arroyo’s “kiss of death” here:

voter’s sentiments are so strong on not voting the candidate that arroyo will endorse that the it has the highest rating of  43% on “surely not vote on” among all the celebrities included in the survey.

the catholic church and kris aquino are the top endorsers. we wonder why the voters have changed their views on the catholic church as we had seen in previous years similar research where it showed people generally do not fillow what the church says on political candidates.

we are surprised at kris aquino’s endorsement prowess, besting pacquaio and revillame. pacquiao’s endorsement not having much weight is also surprising. he is a living national sports hero and we thought he had more sway than what the survey is showing. people love him for his boxing but not for his preferences for politicians?

on the high rating of the catholic church  – we wonder if the results of this survey has something to do with teodoro’s recent 180 degree turn on removing his support for RH Bill 5043? teodoro at the start of the campaign has said he supports the RH BIll. just recently, all of a sudden he says he no longer supports it. this about turn is obviously meant to get the favor of the catholic bishops who vehemently are against the RH Bill.

the news article mentioned that teodoro was removing his support for the RH Bill just days before the church will release its guidelines for the 2010 election. we wonder if teodoro got advance information on this survey and thus quickly did his about face?

(read more here, click: gilbert teodoro does a 180 degree turn, turns anti-RH Bill 5043)

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